Electric ball valve practical operation essentials introduction

With the increasing preciousness of energy and serious environmental pollution, energy saving is becoming more and more popular among people, ranging from energy saving of large equipment to heat insulation and energy saving of electric ball valves. How to do a good job of electric ball valve heat insulation and thermal insulation has become an important issue in front of people now. According to the calculation, the annual heat loss of the general dew electric control valve is equivalent to the heat of burning a ton of fuel oil. China's industrial and civil electric control valve tens of thousands, its thermal insulation of good or bad directly affects the safety of the device and heat loss important issues.
The electric ball valve is a control part in the fluid transfer system, with the functions of stopping, regulating, guiding, preventing backflow, stabilizing, diverting or overflowing pressure relief. The shape of electric regulating valve is very irregular, and the traditional heat insulation and thermal insulation materials are especially not easy to construct. The coating belongs to the slurry type heat insulation and thermal insulation material, which is formed after curing, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be painted on various shapes of objects, and the construction is convenient. It is a kind of water-based inorganic, heat insulation and heat preservation, flame retardant environmental protection coating, with thermal conductivity of only 0.03W/m.K. It can effectively suppress conduction heat and radiation heat, and the heat insulation and heat preservation suppression efficiency can reach 90%, which can suppress the heat loss of high temperature objects and low temperature objects. The coating is painted on the surface of the object painted at 1100℃, the thickness is 8mm, the surface temperature of the object can be reduced from 1100℃ to within 100℃. It can effectively inhibit the loss of large amount of heat by spraying and painting on the external surface of high temperature pipeline, equipment and container electric regulating ball valve, pneumatic regulating ball valve, electric regulating butterfly valve, pneumatic regulating butterfly valve, and the economic benefit is very considerable. High temperature insulation and thermal insulation coating also has the characteristics of fire retardant, insulation and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, long service life, etc.

The specific method of painting coating construction on electric ball valve is to first cool down and clean the electric regulating valve, and then paint 1-15mm thick Zhisheng high temperature resistant heat insulation and thermal insulation coating on the electric regulating butterfly valve, so that the heat loss of electric ball valve can be reduced by more than 90%, with remarkable energy saving effect, and also avoid high temperature electric regulating butterfly valve scalding staff, killing two birds with one stone.