Pneumatic gate valve structure basic principle overview

Pneumatic gate valve with the help of compressed air driven valve, gate valve closed, the sealing surface can rely only on media pressure to seal, that is, rely on media pressure to the sealing surface of the gate plate to the other side of the valve seat to ensure the sealing surface of the seal, which is self-sealing. Most of the gate valves are forced to seal, that is, when the valve is closed, rely on external force to force the gate plate to the seat to ensure the sealing surface of the seal.

  Pneumatic gate valve to the clean air compression pressure, push the piston, push the gate for vertical to open the hydrodynamic offset, keep the gate valve target open and closed. The pneumatic gate valve opens before the link: the top of the piston of the cylinder (hereinafter called the upper piston) and the lower piston of the cylinder (hereinafter called the lower piston) in addition to the support, promote the upper and lower piston under the valve stem, with a piston raised nearly twice the force, get rid of static friction between the gate surface and the oil road plate surface.

  The air is compressed by the lower chamber of the upper cylinder and reaches the lower chamber of the lower cylinder through a special safety channel set on the partition, according to the connecting tube, pushing the left and right pistons in the other work. The steam body in the upper chamber of the said lower cylinder passes through another special safe passage set in the baffle. Unobstructed flow out of the cylinder.

  After the pneumatic gate valve is opened, the lower piston works to the upper dead center after the gate valve is slightly opened. The gate is pushed by the upper piston and lifted again until it reaches the fully open position. The link before the pneumatic gate valve closes:The gate leaf is pushed by the upper piston to open all the way before it starts to descend.

  After the gate is closed, the piston meets the lower piston impulse and pushes the lower piston down again, because the safety channel of the upper air chamber inlet of the lower cylinder and the exhaust pipe of the lower chamber are blocked and the sliding speed slows down significantly, reducing to the part where the gate is completely closed. Relieve the impact of the gate slider, can automatically close the gate valve, while avoiding the wedge plate of the valve body is too tight, in addition, also keep the surface projection, from strong impact and damage.

  Pneumatic-manual changeover organization spirit, mounted on the top of the cylinder cover pneumatic-manual changeover organization, in the whole process of closing all parts of the shut-off valve open, can be very convenient to turn the joystick, immediately launch the pneumatic-manual or manual pneumatic operation method of changeover, changeover using the joystick lock pin type design scheme, when the rocker position, it is reliably calm.


  When the relay control circuit or air supply system software has a common failure, it can be quickly transformed to manual actual operation without other auxiliary software to ensure the normal operation of the line and prevent safety accidents. The shut-off valve of this series can be reliably applied as a manual shut-off valve with flexible and cheerful posture before the automatic control system of the construction in progress is not up to standard. The valve closing time can be adjusted according to the said adjustment, and the said caching mechanism mounted on the spacer can adjust the gate closing time within a certain range.