Pneumatic gate valve performance check and characteristics

  1. When a specification of pneumatic gate valve mass production, the authority should be tested for the following performance: pneumatic gate valve opening and closing torque at operating pressure.

  2. Under the working pressure, the number of times the valve can be guaranteed to open and close continuously; valve flow resistance coefficient test under the conditions of water transmission in the pipeline. Valve factory should be the following tests: valve open, the valve body should be subjected to twice the value of the valve working pressure internal pressure detection.

  3. When the valve is closed, both sides are subjected to 1.1 times the pressure of the valve, no leakage, but the leakage of the metal seal butterfly valve is not greater than the relevant requirements. Internal and external anti-corrosion pneumatic gate valve inside and outside (including gearbox), the first shot blasting, sand cleaning and rust removal, and strive to pass electrostatic spraying material non-toxic epoxy resin composite powder, the thickness of 0.3mm or more. Large valves electrostatic spraying non-toxic epoxy resin is more difficult, should also be used to draw, spray similar non-toxic epoxy coating.

  4. valve body, valve plate parts require full anti-corrosion. On the one hand, immersion in water will not rust, and electrochemical corrosion will not occur between the two metals. On both sides, the surface is smooth to reduce water resistance. Pneumatic gate valve internal anti-corrosion epoxy resin or paint health requirements should be tested by the appropriate authorities. Chemical and physical properties should also meet the relevant technical requirements of the enterprise.

  5. Packing and transportation of the valve on both sides with light-blocking plate fixed. Medium and small diameter valves are tied with straw rope and packed into containers for transportation. Large-diameter valves also have a simple wooden frame sturdy packaging, so as not to be damaged during transport using right-angle rotary structure, it is proportional adjustment with the valve positioner, v-type spool is more suitable for a variety of regulatory occasions, with the advantages of large rated, large proportional adjustment, good sealing effect, zero sensitivity adjustment performance, small size, vertical horizontal installation, etc. Suitable for internal control for gas, steam, liquid and other media.

  6. Pneumatic gate valve adopts right-angle rotary structure, consisting of v-shaped valve body, pneumatic actuator, positioner and other accessories, natural flow characteristics close to 100%; double bearing structure, small starting torque, excellent sensitivity and induction speed; strong shear resistance.

  7. Pneumatic piston execution management mechanism can use data compressed air as the power source, through the study of the development of the movement of the piston drives the crank arm 90 degrees rotation, so that the valve automatically open and close. Its components are: adjusting bolt, actuator box, elbow, cylinder body, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod, universal shaft.


  8. Pneumatic gate valve working basic principle: pneumatic gate valve by the executive management body and the adjustment of social institutions can be composed. Actuating agency is the thrust part of the regulating valve, according to the control signal pressure to generate the corresponding thrust, pushing the regulating agency action. Pneumatic gate valve body is the pneumatic control valve regulation system part, directly with the regulation of the working medium for contact, adjusting the flow of fluid.