Why You Should Use a Water Damage Professional Service

by:FLOS     2020-04-25
If left unchecked, water damage as a result of leaks, dampness, seepage, and similar problems can cause major home damage. That's why water damage cleanup done at once is recommended to prevent further problems that may cause you more money and require professional services in the future. Water damage often occurs where we don't see them like behind walls or under the floors. So it's best to check these areas regularly before damage gets too big. Most homeowners can handle simple and quick clog fixes and repair of basic toilet trouble but nothing can prepare an amateur or a first-time homeowner for some of these water damage problems. This guide can help you do minor fixes and repairs: Plumbing: Before making any plumbing repair, shut off the water supply at either the main valve or the valve nearest the fixture. Because dripping water can cause damage and create electrical hazards, even minor leaks must be repaired by a professional plumber. But minor repairs like sealing a small crack or puncture in a waste pipe can be remedied by using an electrical tape around the pipe. A rubber pad and a hose clamp can also be used to cover the leak. Secure it with a C-clamp and two same size blocks of wood for larger leaks. Damp Basement: Waterproofing the interior walls can almost always prevent moisture build-up in the basement. Installing a window exhaust fan can also control humidity inside the room. Clearing any clogged drains and roof gutters can also prevent leaks and seepage in the basement. If flooding is a problem during rainy months, installing a drainage system can combat heavy flooding. You may also regrade areas around the house so that water will flow away from the foundation. Clogged Toilet: Place the cone of your plunger securely over the bowl's drain hole and pump the plunger up and down vigorously. If this does not dislodge the obstruction, wait for an hour and try it again. If plunging fails, crank the auger's handle clockwise to feed its snake into the hole until it meets the obstruction. Continue cranking clockwise until the auger's handle meets the obstruction. If this method does not work, the problem may be the main drain. Call a plumber if this happens. Clogged Drain: Before using a commercial drain cleaner, try clearing a sluggish drain with a plunger. If that fails, but there is some flow of water, you can try the drain cleaner. Just be careful in using these chemical drain cleaners as they are caustic and poisonous. Flooded Basement: Excess water needs to be taken out and have the room dry out completely. Sometimes the use of water damage restoration equipment such as dehumidifiers, air machines and blowers, scrubbers for cleaning and even deodorizers are needed to clean and dry the basement properly. Oftentimes, it is best to call a water damage cleanup and restoration company to do the job and can even be less expensive than doing the cleanup yourself.
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