What Is a Fix Ball Valve?

by:FLOS     2020-07-03
Fix ball valve is a kind of new ball valves with high performance. It has two different structures, namely two-piece and three-piece. It is very applicable for long-distance transport pipelines and common industrial pipelines. Besides, in order to be suitable for all kinds of medium, including corrosive and non-corrosive one, its strength, safety and resistance to bad environment are considered carefully during design. At present, the fix ball valve is widely used to cut off or circulate the medium in the pipeline in all kinds of industries, such as food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental protection, paper-making and so on. As for the working principle, the fix ball valve is different from that of floating ball valve. When it works, the whole power produced by the fluid pressure on the ball will completely pass to the bearing, which causes the ball not to move toward the clack seat. Thereby, the clack seat will not bear too much pressure. On basis of the feature, the torque of fix ball valve is small and its clack seat is not easy to be deformed. The features of the fix ball valve can be described as follow: what comes first is that it is very easy to operate. The ball is supported by upper and lower bearings. Through this design, it can reduce the friction and eliminate the over great torque moment caused by the great sealing load between the ball and sealing seat. Secondly, the leak-proofness is very reliable. PTFE ring is embedded in the stainless steel clack seat. Meanwhile, the spring in the end of the metal clack seat guarantees the seal packing to have the enough pretightening force. When the sealing face is worn during usage, the valve still can have a function for leak-proofness under the effect of the spring. Thirdly, the fix ball valve has the fire-proof structure. In order to prevent shock heating or fire and avoid the serious leakage, there is fire-proof sealing ring between ball and clack seat. Fourthly, it also has the function of automatic pressure release. When the medium pressure in the lumen of the valve is exceptionally higher than the pretightening force of the spring, the clack seat will separate the ball and automatically release the pressure. When the pressure release is finished, the clack seat will reset automatically. Last but not least, there is a pipeline for drainage. The valve has two holes at top and bottom, through which people can examine whether there is leakage. When the valve is in complete open or close state during work, the stuffing can be changed directly and at the same time the retentate in the lumen can be released. It is a good way to reduce the pollution caused by the medium.
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