What about the maximum supply of manual heat preservation ball valve by FLOS Ball Valve per month?
In the face of dynamic order quantity, Zhongshan good valve Co., Ltd does not always restrict our supply capacity to a certain figure. We will adjust the supply of manual heat preservation ball valve regarding the customer demands and inventory. To avoid loss caused by some accidents or emergent conditions, we will produce more products than the target number set in the first period of the month. The maximum supply of the product per month will be flexible depending on the customer demands.
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FLOS Ball Valve has grown into one of the most competitive manufacturers in China. We largely provide stainless steel flanged ball valve and other product portfolios. 3-piece ball valve is the main product of FLOS Ball Valve. It is diverse in variety. FLOS ball valve complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards. It has passed the EMC test in terms of conducted disturbances immunity, power interference, and immunity to induced voltages. It gains the Guangdong High-tech Product Certificate. Our customers know that FLOS has always offered higher added value than other competitors. It is well received and accepted by FLOS, Germany's brand.

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