Vintage Rolls Royce Buying Tips Early Silver Shadows

by:FLOS     2020-06-24
The Silver Shadow is one of the most well known classic Rolls Royce models on the market today. The Silver Shadow began a new era in Rolls Royce history, completely updating the design and structure with the more innovative technology of the time. Besides being the first Rolls Royce model to use disc brakes, the Silver Shadow was the first to adopt the monocoque, or Body Frame Integral (BFI), chassis structure used by cars today. Of course, as with any new design innovation, the early Silver Shadows also had a few model specific problems that you'll want to be on the lookout for when buying one of these vintage beauties today. Early Model Silver Shadow Design Problems Rear Suspension: The Silver Shadow introduced independent rear suspension, a definite improvement on the old live axel design, but the body/suspension attachment was not the most durable. When subjected to corrosion or unusual force, the connection could sever, uncoupling the trunnion, or in some cases, detaching the entire rear end of the vehicle. Not to worry though, a full-service repair and restoration company will be able to strengthen or replace the rear suspension attachment so that you can drive worry free. Heat Sensor: The engine heat sensor was improperly set on the early Silver Shadows, and by the time it indicated that there was a problem, serious heat damage was already underway. Luckily, checking and resetting the sensitivity is an easy fix for a professional who is used to working with these cars. Hydraulic System Oddity: An idiosyncrasy in the Silver Shadow hydraulic system was that a simple leaking valve could cause brake drag when the driver's side door was open. Steering: Rack and Pinion: In some models, the four setscrews that secure the mounting frame for the steering rack to the sub-frame, the four nuts and bolts that attach the engine front mount to the sub-frame, the two screws that join the steering rack and the inner ball joint bracket, and the three countersunk screws that keep the steering wheel attached to its hub may not have been properly tightened during the manufacturing process. A professional can tighten the screws and nuts, ensuring that your classic Rolls Royce will run properly. Don't let this list put you off, however, the early model Silver Shadows can be brought to spec more easily than many of the other vintage Rolls Royce models. Giving a thorough check to the vehicle's maintenance history can tell you a lot about the potential problems and repairs you'll need to address. For example, wheel arch rusting- a problem common to all vintage vehicles- is a likely listing on the maintenance history. Wheel arches can be repaired with metal or plastic, but the plastic is a temporary fix that lasts mere weeks before rusting begins again. The maintenance history can tell you what has been repaired in the past- and what you may need to repair again in the future.
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