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Valve online | Carbon(WCB) ball valve


Carbon(WCB) Ball Valve

The Role Of Carbon Ball Valve

The carbon ball valve is widely used in the coating industry, water treatment industry, etc.If you see it after shaking off the silica sol shell, it is gray.

Method For Corrosion Protection Of Carbon Ball Valve

Due to the properties of the materials, special treatment is required in respect of corrosion protection. There are generally two ways:

1. Black phosphating treatment, the surface appears oily black.

2. Baking paint treatment, color can be chosen by the customer, common colors are black and silver and also blue in the pictures.

Use Of Carbon Steel

Because of its cost advantage, carbon steel is very suitable under the right operating conditions.

In particular, our standard configuration has been adjusted except the body and cap, which is the assembly of inner parts same as a stainless steel ball valve. Even according to customer requirements, The inner parts could be changed to other materials, like 316,316L and so on.

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