User- Friendly Tire Pressure Gauges Top R&d Targets

by:FLOS     2020-09-12
Digital releases can execute multiple functions. Mechanical types are more portable.
China suppliers of tire pressure gauges are moving their sales mix toward high-value models to reduce vulnerability to rising raw material costs and price competition. Through this, they hope to boost profitability, which has been severely affected by the 30 % increase in production outlay last year.
In the digital sector, the shift upmarket is reflected in the introduction of more multifunction choices. Such models can provide readings various scales, usually psi, bar, kgf/sqcm and kPa. In addition, these are fitted with several tools that aid navigation or are needed during accidents or road emergencies.
Zhejiang ZEC Group DIYTools Dept, for instance, has incorporated a tread depth gauge, bleeder valve, hammer, seatbelt cutter, compass and LED flashlight in its DTG-111 model. Priced 50 percent higher than units with three or four add-ons, the product has a measuring range of 0 to 200psi, 0 to 14 bar, 0 to 14 kgf/sqcm and 0 to 1,400kPa.
ZZW Precision Tool Supply (Shanghai) Corp. Ltd has also launched a multiscale device using the same add-ons. The company's D310-0818 model can measure pressure within 100psi, while the built-in tread depth gauge has an array of 0 to 20mm or nought.8in.
For further differentiation, makers are enhancing ergonomics. A number of recent releases have streamlined housings that are easier to juggle.
In the mechanical line, R&D work is geared toward compact designs capable of measuring an assortment of pressure appropriately.
Rising Instrument Co. Ltd, for example, has launched a device using a 1.5in dial. A 25 percent small compared to the company's previous instruments, the 15SBR60R model can provide readings of down to 160psi.
This and other designs from the enterprise have accuracy ratings that meet ANSI B40.1 grade B or EN 837-1 class 1.6. Units feature solid brass precision movement by using a bronze bourdon television.
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