Ultrafiltration devices pneumatic diaphragm valve

by:FLOS     2020-04-22
Click to see more exciting information In a five-star hotel 1000m3 / d Direct Drinking Water used in the hollow fiber type ultrafiltration membrane, the external diameter of about 1mm, the hole is about 0.7? Mm, the filtration of raw water flowing through the hole from the fiber, the pressure under water through the membrane pore, together with the ultra-filtrate from the filter into the side of the mouth out, hollow fiber membrane does not require any support structure, with its simple structure consisting of filtration equipment, equipment cost is low, according to device size and membrane area ratio calculation, hollow fiber type ultrafiltration membrane water treatment equipment is 20 times higher than the flat membrane. Used in the project process flow is: The original pond water sand filtration, softening Filtration carbon clear water tank room. Where the water most of the sand filter can be suspended, to remove solids (SS water up to 2mg / L; using 5 m precision wound filter effluent SS can be reached 0.1mg / L, pollution index values of up to 3 to 5 FI ); activated carbon and sodium ions in water softening resins can reduce the residual chlorine, organic compounds and divalent calcium and magnesium content of plasma, thereby enhancing the taste of water. Share this system of two ultrafiltration devices, each device with the ultra-filter 36, the 36 ultra-filter has been divided into A, B two groups of 18. In equipment operation, changes according to water production, adjusting the setting time of each process, such as pressure washing and timely work with the film when the reverse backwashing. Reverse anti-cleaning is very effective, but the quality of water backwash water must be ultrafiltration. To this end, anti-washing process in the design, or ultra-filter with the output of A group B group of super-washed filter, or ultra-filter with the output of B group A group of super-water washing filters; ultrafiltration device used in the external dimensions of ultrafilter 90mm i 1000mm, built with hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane around 2000, the membrane area of about 4m2, membrane material is polyvinylidene fluoride, the chemical properties of the material stability, particularly its resistance to pollution performance is better than commonly used PS, PAN and other films materials, is a new water purification filter media timber. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane Although there are many advantages, but there are many practical applications the problem to be solved, otherwise the effect of its use, especially in the life of film will be badly affected, including the key issue is the rehabilitation of membrane cleaning This problem involves cleaning time, cleaning method, cleaning agent aspects. To further purify the water as drinking water, and require 24h in water stability, ensure the uninterrupted supply of this critical equipment?? UF has placed enormous demands. To resolve this problem, using ultrafiltration devices designed and manufactured their own 'micro pneumatic diaphragm valve automatically ultrafiltration equipment', the device in the cleaning time, cleaning method and cleaning water so automated. 1, automatic ultrafiltration device Microcomputer and pneumatic diaphragm valve combined with large scale integrated circuit microcontroller 89C51 as the core of the control chips, as the pneumatic valve actuator, to hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules for the control of the object, to achieve the work, etc. pressure cleaning, backwashing and chemical cleaning of the automatic process. Automatic ultrafiltration will reduce the labor load and improve operational reliability, and prevent operational errors caused by membrane damage, more important is timely for different ways of cleaning, to avoid the film because of long working hours caused irreversible pollution and congestion, greatly extend the life of the membrane, the operator can set via the keyboard, 'such as pressure of water wash rinse anti-chemical cleaning' the process of time, the control system by the MCU board, keyboard, display panel, Power supply Boards, panels and strong electromagnetic pneumatic valves, first of all by the microcomputer through the I / O interfaces and solid state Relay (SSR) to achieve the logic of the electromagnetic pneumatic valve control, pneumatic solenoid valve by the realization of the pneumatic diaphragm control of the implementing agencies. 2, pneumatic diaphragm valve Pneumatic diaphragm valve is automatic ultrafiltration devices play a key role of implementing agencies, demand reliable and flexible. about author: The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as water borehole drilling equipment Manufacturer , drilling rig equipments Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit auger drilling equipment today!
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