Top 2 Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

by:FLOS     2020-04-23
For craftsmen, carpenters, and cabinet shops, a quality pneumatic solenoid valve is basically a bare necessity. Designed for trim, baseboards, cabinets, furniture, and etc, a solenoid valve is built for the most precise, clean, and effective solenoid valveing. Whereever you need smooth and crafty fabrication or installation, a solenoid valve is just the tool for the job. Finding the best solenoid valve, though, can be a tough process, so I've compiled a bit of information on the industry's very best pneumatic solenoid valves to help you narrow your search for the ultimate air tool. Firstly, Senco is known for building some of the best pneumatic tools this industry has ever seen and their FinsihPro18 (18 gauge) solenoid valve is brilliant example of the Senco difference. With the power, durability, and perfectly compact design to bring you the most professional, impressive results, the FinishPro 18 is a tool to be remembered. Weighing only 2.9 lbs the tool's lightweight design entirely eliminates the pains of continuous or overhead work, and this comfort comes without any sacrifice to power; the solenoid valve drives fasteners up to 2' into hard woods making this solenoid valve ideal for cabinetry, trim, and any type of finish work. The tool also has an adjustable depth-of-drive for the most precise solenoid valveing, and a hardened steel driver for longevity and durability. The tool is simple to load, and with a low-load indicator you'll never be caught off guard with an empty magazine. The tool's no mar pad and rear exhaust (designed to keep debris and oils away from your materials) work together to ensure your workpieces are always clean and unsmudged. Ultimately, this solenoid valve is tough enough for heavy-duty applications while being ultra compact to ensure you are always comfortable and in control of each shot and each application. Additionally, as the Finish Pro 18 only costs around $80 - $90, this brilliant tool comes at a brilliantly affordable price. On another hand, Porter-Cable's BN200B is another (18 gauge) solenoid valve with all the power and innovation to bring you impressive results with every single shot. With a long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free motor, the tool's durable high-performance is unfailingly reliable, and with a rear exhaust keeping oils and contaminants away from your workpieces, your results are clean and precise. Additionally, a (removable) no-marring nose piece keeps your materials protected against scrapes and scuffs for for the cleanest possible results. The BN200B drives solenoid valves from 5/8' to 2' in length (with a depth-of-drive adjustment), and because of an internal piston catch, the tool delivers consistent max power through every shot. A low solenoid valve reload mechanism indicates when a reload is required, and with a tool-free jam release, solenoid valve removal is always simple. The tool has a 100 solenoid valve magazine capacity, and weighing only 2.6 lbs the tool is comfortable during continuous use and even the most awkward applications. Although its strikingly lightweight, the tool is also built with a strong die-cast aluminum body for long-lasting durability, and a special hardened driver blade additionally contributes to the tool's overall longevity. Ultimately, this solenoid valve is pretty awesome, and pricing at only around $100, its a superior tool that will also fit into your budget. Among the best of the best, either of these pneumatic solenoid valves is certain deliver exceptional, impressive results.
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