Three Easy Steps to Repair a Leaky Wax Seal on

by:FLOS     2020-08-22
There are several methods of repairing a cast iron flange. Putting a new steel ring over guidelines of the cast iron flange, chipping off the rusted flange and replacing with a new surefire flange, or inserting a PVC (plastic) flange through expansion joint are a multitude of the options for repairing a damaged or deteriorated cast iron flange. Repair techniques for PVC flanges include using a 'half moon' metal part, toned man walking PVC spacer. All these parts can be purchased at your local renovating store.
Symptom: There is water on ground around the base of my toilet or water leaks from under the bottom of my toilet when I clear away.
Usually this occurs when the wax ring looses it's close up. Replacing the wax ring under the toilet bowl should repair this problem.
The first part in making this repair is to close up the water source and remove all the water from your toilet tank and bowl. A good maintenance tip for you to have a stop valve installed with the water supply line to the toilet tank. This is rather common in most residences. If can be no stop valve the water will have to be put off outside to get this repair.
Many times an inline shut off valve will be installed where drinking water enters the residential. The water can be turned off here, or at the trail where the water meter is included. A good maintenance procedure is to purchase a shut off valve right outside the house where the water enters from the highway. It is also very convenient for making other plumbing auto repairs.
Next, once all of the water is regarding the toilet tank and bowl along with the water is turned off, disconnect water supply line into the toilet tank. Next Remove the nuts from the bolts that hold the bathroom bowl to the ground so you can lift the bowl off the floor and away with the toilet flange(top of the sewer pipe). Inspect the flange for deterioration or cause damage to. Cast iron pipe flanges rust over and also may need become repaired or superseded.
Tools needed: channel lock pliers, adjustable wrench, hammer.
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The last step, once you have inspected and/or repaired the toilet flange is to install the wax ring that you purchased at the local home improvement accumulate. The wax ring is used to the bottom of the toilet bowl. Set the bolts in the rest room flange and carefully set the toilet bowl over the bolts onto the wax ring. Install the nuts into the bolts being careful not to over tighten. Reattach normal water supply line and open the control device. Check for leaks. The particular tank is full, do a test flush to certain you have a good quality seal at the flange. Your repair is complete!
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