Thermostatic Mixer Showers - How Do They Work?

by:FLOS     2020-06-22
Thermostatic mixer showers are basically mixer showers in which the temperature of the water is controlled with the help of a thermostat. The thermostat shuts down the cold water supply when the water gets colder than the required temperature, and shuts down the hot water supply when the water gets hotter than the desirable temperature, thus maintaining a constant pleasing temperature at all times. The thermostatic mixer shower maintains a constant temperature throughout the duration of your shower. This is achieved through thermostatic valves which allow you to control the temperature of the water with ease. The valve trim or face plate has a temperature dial ranging up to 104?�A�C. A feature called anti-scald prevents the temperature of the water from going above 100A�C accidentally. If you need the temperature to be more than 100A�C, you need to manually push and turn the valve. In thermostatic mixer showers, generally one valve controls the temperature of all the water outlets. The valve takes care of the mixing of the hot and cold water to achieve the temperature specified by you and the volume control is in your hands. Thermostatic mixer shower valves maintain the temperature of the shower water within one half of the degree of the desired temperature. When the tempered water is used, a thermostat in the mixing chamber of the valve senses the outlet temperature of the water. The thermostat automatically positions a shuttle or valve which controls the flow of the hot or cold water supplied to the mixing chamber. A mechanism permits selection of the desired water temperature within the range of the valve. Heat loss in the system piping can result in varying temperatures of the hot and cold water supplied to the fixtures. The use of thermostatic valve ensures safe water temperature at the point of delivery to the fixture. Often injuries are caused in the shower due to slipping and falling as a reaction from the shock of the sudden hot or cold water in the shower. This hazard can be avoided by the use of thermostatic mixer shower valve. Other hazards like scalding and diseases through germs and bacteria can be avoided by using these valves. Thermostatic shower valves are available in a variety of electric shower shops. There are a number of reputed thermostatic shower valve companies. You can browse in different types of electric shower shops to get the cheapest and the most suitable shower valve according to your needs. Few things are more important in a shower than a shower valve. Temperature control in your shower is crucial safety consideration, and thermostatic shower valve maintain shower temperature at a constant level. A thermostatic temperature control shower valve allows you to provide not only the optimal temperature level but also helps you to avoid dangerous scalds.
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