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The Large Size Ball Valve Of The Fourth Generation High Quality


Recently we have delivered a perfect batch of the 4th generation high-quality large size ball valves.

Large size ball valves are generally not available in stock. When customers demand delivery, this is the time to test the capacity of the factory, especially in the special situation of this year corona virus’s outbreak, there are many adverse factors.

Every process of large size ball valves, from casting, processing, parts preparation, assembly, pressure testing, packaging, shipping, all departments smoothly completed, until the goods delivered to the customer site and signed for receipt.

This time, we once again completed the delivery task with high quality and high quantity large size ball valve and met the needs of the customer. This due to the team, the team’s efficient collaboration, is the basis of double the result with half the effort, we deeply know that. Since we do a thing, do it quickly and well.

We are a professional ball valve manufacturer, we are confident to solve the customer’s valve problem. In the future, please trust us!

Zhongshan Goodvalve co.,ltd

The fourth generation high-quality ball valve manufacturer.

The delivery


DN200 CF8 PN40
DN300 CF8M PN16
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