The Five Solutions of Energy-saving Ball Mill

by:FLOS     2020-06-25
1 Improve the grinding head to seal this in three steps: first, an additional 200mm long spiral tube side feed screw tube, field welding of the helical blade, longer section of the screw with the original spiral tube together with the grinding machine connection; the second side in the extended section add a felt locating ring, after the installation of industrial felt off, one side painted with butter, and the circle with the extended section of 200mm spiral tube with a countersunk head screw connection; third, blankets side set up a friction seal retaining ring, set in the feed hopper, on-site production and welding two barrier boom, so they can not rotate, followed by a number only spring to withstand the spring seat and into the hopper welded together, so that the retaining ring face always felt stickers, from blankets to some wear and tear. Seal retaining ring and the outer diameter of the hopper cylinder have a 5mm gap, the gap is blocked with cotton dipped in butter, ring, plus a plate, the plate with screws and seal retaining ring tighten. Pay attention to the installation location moved away 200mm in the installation of the hopper, so that a longer section of the length of the spiral tube. 2, narrowing the diameter of the feeding mouth, hollow shaft helical blade height. 3, into the hopper (splice tube) helical blade to be changed and the pitch of the hollow shaft helical blade, spiral blade within the inverted cone at an additional material into the splice tube is transported away, put an end to the material in the inverted cone at the retention and return of material phenomena. The unloading valve is lengthened 150 ~~ 200mm, so that the material away from the seals are no longer stranded. Seals to the labyrinth seal, reducing wear and tear of blankets. To improve the cement mill into the material side, Yoshihiro mechanical three approaches. (1) grinding head into the feed end of a rotating bell fully welded, spiral material directly rotating slide smoothly forward movement. And improve feeding round mouth poured bevel, install a rotating spiral and inner discharge port, maintain a concentric feed nozzle, the material brought up in the rotation right on the bevel on the slide helix within. (2) feeding tube inserted into the part of the spiral tube diameter is reduced (about 200mm), the other on the feed tube welding a thickness of 8mm, outside diameter in excess of the original spiral tube diameter of about 15mm block gray circle. In doing so, not only increases the feed tube and spiral tube wall of the gap, make it difficult to fill the material, another layer of block gray circle to prevent the collapse material. (3) adjust the powder back to the flap valve on the feed tube, so that the powder back to gray as evenly as possible into the spiral tube, at the same time, local improvements in the structure of the spiral tube. 5, improvements in the operation, such as adjustment of the grinding media grading and loading mill a position within the first and second rows of liner installed flat lining or classifying liners to speed up the mouth of the mill feed materials and grinding the material inside the passage; adjust the cyclic loading rate of the powder, put an end to the positive pressure operation and micro-vacuum operation.
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