The Dynamic World of Plastic Plugs

by:FLOS     2020-06-10
There are many types of plugs in the market for a myriad of applications. Vehicles use spark plugs; the homes use plugs as stoppers; the office or businesses use plugs as cover caps in exposed tubes and pipes. Benefits With the many applications to plugs come a myriad of benefits. Firstly, plugs are usually found in plastic materials. Good quality plastic material for plugs add on extra benefits such as flexibility in shape, durability in strength and function as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye in various shapes and colors. One of the primary benefits to plastic plugs would be its functionality. High quality plastic plugs function excellently in securing the coverage of the component such as the sink hole to prevent water from sipping through while one is washing or bathing. Plastic is a soft material which allows a more comfortable feel while engaged in some operation. Plastic plugs are found to be more durable than other types of material with the advancing technology of today. Good plastic is made to withstand high pressure and thus, would not melt or corrode easily in dire circumstances involving pressure and temperature. Plastic plugs offer a higher level of safety during transporting or shipping with corrosive substances as the contents are kept steady and contained. No dirt, debris, dust or moisture can seep through the tough material of plastic if the right sized plug is applied. Types Plastic plugs can come in many designs; there are threaded or non-threaded options which offer different features such as better safety and coverage. Pilferage and contamination are reduced if not eliminated as there is a tear-off locking strip. There are also flanged, tapered, push fit and cylinder valve plastic plugs. Each type has a specific application that allows the component to function optimally. Tapered plastic plugs are used to fit a tube or pipe snugly while preventing inner surfaces from the infiltration of dust, humidity, dirt or debris. Push-fit plugs of plastic are found in packaging tubes and connectors with center or side tabs for extra security. Flexible or flanged pipe plugs can come with an extra pull tab for convenience while others sport ergonomic designs for a better appearance and functionality. Threaded plugs offer a higher security in transporting or storage functionality especially in liquids and gases. These usually sport a nylon gasket for a better closure which should satisfy the transportation specifications of the UN and UNS agencies on transporting hazardous materials. Cylinder valve plugs are common in transporting gases for domestic usage with their narrower and smaller form.
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