The Brief Introduction of PE Ball Valve

by:FLOS     2020-07-02
Polyethylene, called PE for short, is one of the most widely used plastics since human beings develop the petrochemical products. Since the 80's last century, with the research for PE material, more and more PE materials such as PE80, PE100 have been invented and used for transfer piping. Because compared with other materials' pipes it has more properties and cheaper price, it is widely used in the gas industry. As one necessary part of the pipe system, one American company first developed PE ball valve in the 70s and applied it into gas pipe system. At present there are a lot of countries which manufacture the PE ball valve, such as America, France, German, Japan, Korea and so on. In the 90s, with the wide use of PE gas pipe in China, people gradually realize the excellence in nature and price and begin to use this valve instead of metal ball valve. Meanwhile, like other countries, China starts to research and produce his own PE ball valve. Because the main raw material used for PE valve is the same as that used for PE pipe, this valve has the completely same features with this kind of pipes. The valve is hard to be aged and corrosion-proofness. Besides for the above advantage, the PE ball valve has other features. Because of the small volume, light weight and short moment for opening and closing, the valve can adopt the specially designed coupling sleeve, assorted valve cylinder and well lid and there is no need to build the valve chamber. As a result, compared with the traditional metal valves, this valve is applicable for direct burial. Besides, the PE Ball Valve is more durable than the metal one. in the usual situation, the operation time for the valve is about 50 years, while the service time for the common valve is only about 20 years. What's more, the different parts composed of the valve shell are connected by the way of sweating soldering. Thereby, the connection strength for the whole shell is quite intense and the sealing is very good. The valve can avoid the leakage caused by the connection between metal valves. Last but not least, the PE ball valve is easy to set up and operate. It is quite convenient and reliable. While, everything has two sides just like a coin. The valve is the same and it cannot be suitable for every place. Because the plastics' strength is lower than that of metal, the valve's resistance to high or low temperature is not so good. So when people choose the product, they must know the environment clearly. Or else, there will be some problems if they blindly use the valve.
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