The best way to Install an AEG Dishwasher

by:FLOS     2020-07-12
Dishwashers became a popular You.S. household appliance in the 1950s, and take been an expected element of kitchens since the 1970s. A contemporary dishwasher almost certainly most used kitchen household appliances. Such features as sensor-controlled water management and programmable cycles have made them energy-efficient appliances too. AEG is a popular dishwasher brand, offering an offering of full-featured, high-quality dishwashers that incorporate the latest technologies. Using standard plumbing and electrical connections, AEG has managed to get easy set up a new dishwasher.
Remove the new AEG dishwasher from its shipping carton, if applicable.
Access the dishwasher's plumbing and electrical connections by detaching the access cover from leading of the dishwasher assise. Remove the sheet-metal screws at each side of the access cover, using a screwdriver.
Bore two 1-inch holes in the wall with the sink cabinet on the dishwasher side, roughly 2 ' apart and six inches above ground of the sink cabinet, using a 1-inch hole saw.
Attach one end of the longer lifetime of 3/4-inch rubber drain hose provided your dishwasher to the dishwasher's discharge pump. Slide the end of the drain hose over the ribbed pump outlet until it meets the pump housing, then slide the hose clamp over the hose, positioned about an inch by way of hose end, and tighten the hose-clamp screw until it is snug, the screwdriver.
Apply Teflon tape to your dishwasher's water-supply connector, located toward the bed of the dishwasher base, next towards the discharge thrust. Thread the end hex nut within the 1/4-inch flexible water line provided towards the dishwasher's water-supply connection and tighten, utilizing an adjustable wrench.
Position the dishwasher more than halfway into your cabinet opening to complete the water, drainage and electrical connectors.
Route the rubber drain hose and flexible water line through one of the many 1-inch holes drilled in Step 3.
Attach the end of the drain hose throughout the dishwasher to the vertical hose connection to your sink's air gap assembling your equipment. Slip the hose clamp over the hose, then slide the end of the drain hose over the air gap tube. Squeeze clamp about one inch from the hose end. Tighten the hose-clamp screw until ought to snug, using a screwdriver.
Connect no more the shorter length of rubber drain hose furnished with the dishwasher to add-ons hose connection on the sink's air gap assembly. Slide the end of the drain hose in the air gap's angled hose connection, then slide the hose clamp over the hose, and position it about one inch from the hose end. Tighten the hose-clamp screw until that snug, utilizing a screwdriver.
Slide the additional end for this second rubber drain hose length established in Step 9 to the ribbed hose connection on the garbage disposal, if applicable, until the hose end is in the disposal houses. Secure it in place with a hose clamp positioned approximately 1/2 inch from the hose come to an end. For installations without a disposal, connect this drain hose directly to the sink's drain line, using a stem fitted.
Connect the supply line from the dishwasher. Wrap Teflon thread tape clockwise around the threaded outlet on the hot-water supply valve, then connect the flexible water line on the supply control device. Thread the water line's end hex nut onto the supply-valve outlet and tighten, using a variable wrench.
Slide the end of the dishwasher's power supply cord the actual second 1-inch hole drilled in a cabinet wall in Step 3, then insert the cord into the wall outlet in the sink cabinet.
Push the dishwasher fully into the cupboard opening, and align the dishwasher door's surface this face of this adjacent cabinets on all sides.
Raise the dishwasher's adjustable legs as needed to elevate the dishwasher so techniques mounting bracket aligns on the underside for the countertop. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the adjustable legs clockwise to the desired height. Certain that to adjust the legs equally to aid the dishwasher level.
Secure prime mounting bracket to the countertop while using the screws used.
Attach the dishwasher's access cover, removed in Step 2, towards the front for the dishwasher, while using cover screws provided.
Turn the water-supply valve on in the water valve beneath the sink. Check for leakage, and tighten the connections when necessary.
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