So how exactly Vortex Tube Work

by:FLOS     2020-09-01
Vortex tube is among the non-traditional and cheap refrigerating systems widely used today in the industrial field. It is a very simple mechanical apparatus absolutely no movable parts. Basically, it can be composed of a nozzle, diaphragm, a conical valve, and two ends that the hot and cold streams escape at opposite directions. Vortex tubes with nozzle design in such a manner they produce high velocity, great mass flow, and minimum inlet losses are viewed as efficient.
Meanwhile, chamber can be a part of the nozzle responsible for the entry of top speed gas into the hot side of the vortex tubes. A tangent pipe is attached to it so the compressed gas could enter. In general, chambers are not circular, but spiral in appear. The hot side is cylindrical and will be varied lengths depending on design and standby and call time tube. The conical valve at the end obstructs the flow of swirling air in the hot tube and controls the speed and temperature of air stream which passes through it. The diaphragm of the vortex tube can be found beside the nozzle and in in between hot and cold tubes. The swirling air which passes through the diaphragm becomes the cold air stream which escapes the technology.
To function, vortex tubes do not need electricity; instead they are powered by compressed air which is through a tangent tube. When gas enters the device, it expands and swirls with great speed due to the particular design within the nozzle. The air spirals through the length of the hot side and some belonging to the gas escapes while the air blocked through the valve spirals back to the opposite close.
While the air moves back, it loses pressure and gets cooled. By directing the opening of the valve, the quantity and temperature of cold air can be changed.
The vortex tube has multitude of functions. With this the industrial sector benefits much from the mechanical device. Each the preferred tool of various companies and manufacturers. Given that the tool uses air as coolant; doesn't necessarily have leakage difficulty. It is usually made with aluminum and stainless steel, it's the apparatus resistant to corrosive and high-temperature environments and operations. It is also lightweight and can supply in operations with constrained space. Vortex tubes are maintenance-free, so no additional maintenance cost and other labor are fundamental.
The tool is basically used for spot-cooling, electrical parts cooling, and machine operations cooling.
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