Renault Fluence is the Awesome Sedan

by:FLOS     2020-09-17
Renault can longer bask in the glory of its past success. Enterprise has to move to the next level and only take inspiration from individuals of the Logan. This will surely prove the mettle of the company and its capacities. In this very direction the company has launched the Renault Fluence and will to look to create a new benchmark.The Fluence looks good which usually typically expected by reviewing the French connection. The refreshing part comes for the Germans with its practical style. The car has a costly appearance with an imposing on road presence and equally big size. The total car is circled by a huge 16-inch alloy wheels with fat 205 section tyres that evenly add weight to the status of the auto and give it the right sizes.
The Fluence will arrive in two engine variants with two fuel option as well. They are the 1.5 diesel plus 2 litre petrol engine. The gasoline car will come only in a six-speed CVT auto gear transmission and also the manual option can very soon gaze at light of day time. The petrol car has some huge tipping in comparison to its the features and is also also quite tempting. The rii features like twin-zone air-conditioning, automatic headlamps and rain sensing wipers keyless start-stop, an on-board computer, leather seats, four airbags and anti-whiplash headrests. The Renault diesel cousin close to other hand seems to have bit of an uncertain deal with some heavy trimming. The cabin quality however has been stinted on the diesel in equal measurement. Cabin quality is pretty and though the plastics do not give the premium feel like the Jetta or Laura, there is hardwearing feel to the insides. The Fluence has a wheel base that is pretty long compared to its competitors with a 2703mm wheelbase and no prizes for guessing that it all translates into fantastic legroom inside the cabin. The under-thigh support is not great and the sloping roof just ends up with a rear seat that is lower making you constantly adjust yourself. The headroom at the spine is also devoid of space.
The diesel is once again under weighed by the twin cam, 16 valve petrol engine that delivers a decent 135bhp. The car is quite agile and responds well while revving. Place down the heavy feet and tickle the throttle pedal and you are in for a roar from the petrol engine. The Fluence starts served by a spring in its stride and appears be made for the busy city streets.
The diesel Fluence with the 8.5-litre engine is essentially the same K9K motor that runs the highly successful Logan and the Micra but includes a variable geometry turbo (VGT) that coughs up to 105bhp. The output seems to consist little undercut almost everything standards of the K9K engine but the car more than makes up so as with the exceptional fuel economy of 21.8kpl. The gear box is a six-speed capacity with carefully chosen ratios that makes good use of the 24.5 kgm of torque. The rattle at the 3000rpm reminds you the limitation of the diesel.
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