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by:FLOS     2020-09-21
Process Plant Network has over 2 decades of experience in the food industry and with the aid of our team of specialists we can advise upon the best way to help forward.
We have a remarkable economical 'Homebrand' iopak range of processing, packaging and material products for all applications and also provide quality used branded machinery,including, well known names like, Anritsu, Kajiwarra,Adco, Safeline, Ausmade, Ishida, Urschel, Kanto, Graco and Toyo to name just some.
Simple filling, capping, inkjet printers and labelling solutions.
Last time we got a brief introduction into cookers/kettles, conveyors and mixers generally there basic functions. Depending on the particular products you are planning on making foods ultimately dictate one further machine choices. For this exercise we shall discuss a very simple bottling process including filling, capping and labelling.
The preparation and production of meals is an extremely complex one and an improper decision can costly. It is imperative to seek advice before proceeding to insure convey . your knowledge outcome.
As with any finished bottled product you need to be able to suitable filling mixture. Let's look at piston fillers immediately after which Augers. Piston fillers are ideal for,sauces, yogurt, pastes as well as viscous creams.
Piston filling systems offer a vast range of options in terms of capacity and include:
The iopak Rotary Valve Piston Filler (With hopper-pneumatic type) are available in sizes from, 100ml dependent on 5000ml, having a filling through 10ml-100ml to 1000ml-5000ml correspondingly.
iopak Gear Pump Filler,suitable for large volume or high-speed filler, running at150mL/sec. Idea for: Water, low viscosity, less sticky and non-particle liquid filling. This gear pump is befitting for creams lotions, shampoos, sauces etc. without particulates
iopak Peristaltic Pump Filler (Bench top), capacity: 1 - 200 ppm (product dependent) Viscosity Range: 65 - 50,000 cps.
Idea for:honey and oil, sauce, soup and cosmetics.
iopak Servo Driven Auger Filler
Ideal for:powder and cereals.
iopak Bench top Semi Automatic Servo Driven Auger Filler.
Ideal for:for micro molecules or powder, (applications vary widely on food industry)
for products such as milk powder, glucose powder, albumen, coffee, rice powder and seasonings etc.
iopak Smart Lobe Pump Filler with Product Hopper
(Heavier duty - several choices available).
Iopak Poppet Valve Piston Filler
Ideal for:is suitable for liquids and non-viscous creams.
For filling larger volume of thin or viscous product, offers a capacity, up to 20 fills/min (Product Dependent) and fill range of, 30 - 20,000 milliliters. The iopak Smart Lobe Pump Filler using a 40 Lt product hopper. This heavy-duty machine offers many optional extras that you simply discuss and among our sales specialists.
When considering filling powders and grain Auger Fillers are the best longterm option.
A popular choice may be the iopak Weighmetric Servo Driven Auger Filler (with Load cell). Along with a weigh capacity of 1 - 15 Kg this iopak Auger filler is highly accurate. It will not rely only on the auger, as in most conventional fillers, but utilizes a large quanity cell too.
Looking to fill, food, medical, pet food, chemicals, fixed quantity packaging for powder and grains material, the iopak Bag or Carton Weigh Filler (dual screw, all s/s) using a size/capacity 10-50kg will literally fit the bill.
So generally speaking that anyone a simple idea for this filling systems available. Please note, were only concerned about basic conceptshereand we become publishing additional technical information on more complex subjects at a later time.
You need to cap subsequent to filling. amend?
The bottleneck caused by yourself capping can result in contamination and spoilage, and you then have the added burden of leaking remover bottles.
Let's suppose you are bottling sauces and have started ready to cap and label goods.
We will ignore conveyors and larger systems for your moment, andlook at low volume runse.g. 15 bottles per minute for a cap sized 20-110mm diameter, with a maximum bottle height of 200mm.
The iopak Semi - Automatic Pneumatic Capper isideal for honey, oil, sauce, soup and cosmetics. Small footprint, cyou can sit it on your workbench this is very not a worry to operate. Fitted with foot switch, made to handle 24 different torque combinations.
If you must move up to and including larger capacity, e.g., 40 bottles/min (depend on volume and product) with a cap size: 20 -110mm in diameter the iopak Automatic Servo Driven Cap Tightener is adequate. This capper is modern-day offering digital input lots of other important features.
It's now time search at printing the essential information on our bottles.
Certain informationis required legally to be a part of the labeling process.
These include:
The name and/or description of the actual meals
Identification belonging to the 'lot' number (food recall information)
Name and Australian home address of the supplier of food (food recall information)
List of ingredients
Date mark
Nutrition information panel (NIP)
Country of origin with the food
Warning and advisory statements
All particulars is easily applied through inkjet printing device. The iopak Top-Jet an affordable is compact, reliable, eco-friendly and printer. Offers high resolution and speed,
with stainless steel casing making it very in order to understand clean, maintain and set.
The final part of a process is labelling. For use on your bottles when possible be utilizing a wrap-around labeller. Once again we can perform a tabletop machine for this specific purpose.
The iopak Elf-50 Table Top, is often a great little workhorse. A most economical and efficient machine phrases of of expertise. This labeller is fast easy to own and maintain. It is also flexible enough manage production changes very quickly and without difficulty.
As hand calculators see your current many components to consider even in the very simple setup. Cannot stress enough the have got to get superb advice before help to make any decisions which will swiftly affect the future of business enterprise. Never be afraid to ask, that's what we are here for.
Happy processing and filling.
Until we meet again, Processman
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