Popularities of Ball Valves

by:FLOS     2020-06-20
It is well-known to us that a ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc containing many round holes. The disc is specified to implement the opening and closing of the valve by rotating upon the valve handle. And it is able to move within 90 degrees. The structure leads ball valves to be proper in the field of switches and stop valves. They are generally used to stop or control flows in pipes. And the design enables ball valves to regulate the flow with convergence, segregation and flow switch. In fact, ball valves are widely employed to the fields of petroleum refining, pipeline, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water, electricity, municipal and steel industry and so on, which actually play a decisive role in national economy. It is true that the characteristics of ball valves benefit a lot during the operating process. Firstly, it is light with a straightforward structure. The flow would flow smoothly. Secondly, the two discs ensure the tightness. As materials for the sealing surface are commonly various plastics, the favorable leak tightness directs the valve to be widely used, even in the vacuum system. Thirdly, it is easy operated. The handle can be rotated from a long distance within 90 degrees in a short time. And it is certain that the straightforward and active structure is favorable for removal and replacement. Fourthly, the flow would not erode the sealing face as a result of full cut-off or full open. At last, the valve body can be either integral or modular. Apart from the advantages, there are some aspects that ball valves need to be improved. It is the small range of performing temperatures. Because material of the sealing surface can't bear high temperature. Thus, it is a good chance for the future manufacturers to overcome this shortage by using other materials. It is certain the specifications for ball valves should regulated according to the GB12237-89, GB/T15185-94,GB8464-87,GB8465.3-87,JB/T53167-94 and JB/Z246-85. It is important to design and produce them accordingly for the consideration of safety and performance. And it is necessary to install and operate the machine based on the instruction. Then, it can function at its best. Above all, we have some knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of a ball valve. And it is a good chance or challenge to overcome the shortages in order to make full use of it.
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