Pond Liners - The Hole Story

by:FLOS     2020-09-18
Sometimes I get calls from pastimes purchased a house with an old pond that boasts a big problem. That can be done complaint is that it'll not hold water; second is that the water is green; third is how the rock work is ugly - an eyesore!
At that point I ask if their waterfall and pond are constructed by using a pond liner, and tend to be surprised that I knew that. However, eighty percent most these types of calls pertain several liner pond and waterfall. We have replaced over $80,000 worth of defective liner ponds. One customer in Rancho Bernardo, California, had spent $14,000 by changing koi pond and waterfall built any large and well respected local pond liner supply company. They complained of shopping for add water daily since the liner pond was constructed over a last year.
The pond liner installer's response could be that the loss of water was from evaporation. The liner pond was fitted with a manual auto fill system and they discovered the solenoid was turning on every 15 minutes to replenish losing. In addition to the annoying water loss, they could not enjoy their fish for half the year because of murky green foul-smelling lake. They reported the pond liner company sprang out dozens of times dumping various concoctions in the pond with a commitment of startling results. The effects were startling all right - our client sued the pond liner store and contracted with usa.
The first thing I discovered was that the volume of the liner pond was 8,000 gallons and also the waterfall pump only agreed to be 1,000 gallons by the hour. It was taking eight hours to order the total pond volume through the filter. Secondly, the filter was rated for a 2,000 gallon pond, not 8,000. (Filters are unquestionably overrated by their manufacturers as it is.) Third, the ultraviolet light was also rated for a 2,000 gallon pond, making it only one-quarter effective (according to its ratings) at controlling suspended algae growth. Fourth, because the pump was only 1,000 gallons per hour, it was not strong enough to backwash the filter, which requires four times the flow become back-flushed properly.
Consequently, the filter was overloaded with rotting waste material that was bringing about additional pollution for this liner pond. The fifth defect in design was caused the actual pond's large surface area, which was surrounded by several deciduous trees were being dropping their leaves into the liner pond. Needless to say, there had not been skimmer installed. So all this debris really been rotting on the base of the pond, contributing to the nitrate and ammonia overload.
The sixth discovery was that the suction drain at the base was at precisely the same end of the liner pond as the waterfall. Consequently, normal water was only circulating between the water returning to water-feature and the water leaving it (from waterfall to drain). Half the liner pond was not circulating properly and was stagnating to be the nitrifying bacteria hadn't been receiving adequate oxygen to do their job of becoming worn the nitrites.
NOW LET'S Do it right
We were asked to evaluate the condition of the liner pond and determine the cost to correct the problems found. We turned over the waterfall within liner to sample the evaporation theory and discovered (with the falls turned off) that it was losing 25 to 30 gallons per day, or 750 gallons 30 days! Installing a larger pump filter and UV was not going to unravel all their problems.
I suggested that since a reputable pond builder and store owner was involved, he should get yourself a second opinions. He was confident that, with our reputation of 22 as well as 1,800 ponds under our belt (at that time), we knew what i was doing.
After choosing the best temporary home for the fish, we drained the liner pond and quickly made two discoveries. Mainly because water was being pumped out of the pond, has been a small waterfall developing from drinking water that poured back via a hole your past liner created from a tree root. Also, water was leaking back through a loose seal around backside drain you wish we could pump versus eachother. (This continued for some time, revealing there was hundreds of gallons water being saved in the sandy soil all around the perimeter with the liner pond due to the ongoing water leaks.)
We told her i would repair the faulty drain and patch the punctured liner and refill it, but the owner insisted perform it right, using rebar plus 3500 PSI concrete and skimmer. Unfortunately, not one single item in your entire system become reused on the inside new construction. Even the PVC piping had to become scrapped since it was undersized for the pump.
In final analysis, tv is far less project hadn't been thought out or designed properly, aggravation $14,000 spent was entirely wasted. Replacing everything and installing it correctly cost the customer $17,000. The actual pond was constructed of 3/8' and ' rebar, 10' on center with 4 ' of 3500 PSI concrete and fiber mix greater. The ugly fiberglass waterfall was removed and replaced having a natural looking waterfall made out of concrete real granite natural stone.
A skimmer was set up on the opposite side in the pond over the waterfall. The underside suction drains (two anti-vortex drains in series cease turtles or fish from getting sucked against the drain) were placed close to the opposite side of the pond from the waterfall for you to circulation.
Next, a Venturi valve was installed to increase the oxygen and make a circular current inside the pond. This delivers oxygenated water to all areas. A 6000-gallon biofilter was installed with two 180-watt ultraviolet lights. Positive aspects efficiency filter pump, which runs 24 hours a day, and is rated at 4,800 gallons per time.
We installed a second pump belonging to the same rating to carefully consider twice the flow volume off the waterfall at the moment. It is also operated along with a timer that comes on twice a day for starters hour. This prevents sediment stirred up your market waterfalls and pond help the filter in removing it. The skimmer now removes 90 percent of all debris falling into the pond before it is able to become waterlogged and sink to backside.
The electronic water level control we installed all of the previous pond at the owner's request was discharge item had been reused in the new structure. It is designed to add water to the pond automatically when needed due to normalcy water loss through evaporation and wicking around bog planters into adjacent environment.
This story has been repeated scores of times within the past four years. Fortunately, every bit of them were on a much smaller apparatus.
Most in our business is word of mouth, bootcamp imagine or even many people who, unsure whom to call, simply gave up and turned their water feature into a rock courtyard. Think twice before investing too much money inside liner puddle. Ask the contractor specific queries about the precautions he takes against leaks caused by roots and critters. Also, get several bids on concrete and rebar constructed ponds, normally only cost 20% as well as can be needed to work for decades.
My last word of advice, be patient, occasion time and punctiliously investigate the contractor together with his claims.
An ounce of prevention.
As we have known for quite some time, the success of FLOS in the future will depend greatly on our ability to strike a balance between valuable human insight and interaction with technology.
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