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The First Seminar Of “Introduction & Study on our Superior Product”

The First Seminar Of “Introduction & Study on our Superior Product”


On Sept 7, 2019, upon 10th anniversary of this Company, we organized the first “Introduction & Study on our Superior Product” Seminar for inviting almost all our customers countrywide and they expressed their enthusiastic presence by joining us here in Zhongshan city. 

At 10:00 am, President LU gave his welcome speech and started to show them this Company profile film, specially on procedure of production, such as: designing、mould opening、precision casting until testing and delivery.By 1:00 pm, Mr. LU continued to introduce the 12 advantages of our superior product to the visitors and guided them to witness the real production in our plants. They were so excited to watch carefully the progress of production and placed lots of technical question to which our personnel usually provided satisfactory answers. At 6:00 pm, we arrange a rich dinner at Grand Restaurant in which every guest exchanged warm toasts and talks until going to bed in respective hotels. All the visitors departed for their own home on the next day.

This successful seminar will be so helpful for us to establish the mutual trust between our customers and us and their loyalty had been concentrated on this Company perfectly too. Therefore, we could expect that the rapid development will reach us smoothly. 

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