Nissan Teana The First Impression And Take on Features

by:FLOS     2020-07-23
The term 'luxury' is now synonymous with Nissan Teana. The car that is priced hugely combines a set of features, which be sure that you don't end up being your eyes of this Nissan model. Discussed below is the variant namely Teana 7.5 V6 X-tronic CVT 6 speed.
The Engine and Powertrain At An appearance
Teana makes sense model from Nissan that mixes a group of imposing and striking features. The 24 valve DOHC V6 engine of Teana is a performer off the mark. It generates a gigantic maximum power of 182 ps@6000 RPM, which is undoubtedly great. The maximum torque caused the engine is 12.2 kg-m@ 4400 rpm.
It runs through 6 speed X-tronic CVT transmission with Speed Sensitive Electronically assisted steerage. The turning radius with the car is 5.4mm for that 250XL variant and 5.8mm for the 250XV different. On the front, when possible find the independent McPherson strut, the actual rear has independent multi-link strut. Also, featured are 4 channel ABS with EBD brakes and brakes resist. The XV variant has 17'alloy wheels, in terms of XL variant has 16' alloy controls.
Features in the exteriors
Teana is a luxury sedan, and Nissan has added everything to make that is not remains a head turner on the Indian streets. Standard features on outside include Halogen headlamps, Turn Indicators on Door Mirrors, Electrical Adjustable & foldable door mirrors, and Xenon headlamp with retractable washer. The build and styling of Teana is impeccable with the looks within your giant woods.
Features in interiors
If Teana looked stylish and handsome in its exteriors, rest assured that you'll then only just like interiors more for luxury and comfort factor. In the first glance, a feature that will attract you is the leather and wood steering wheel, in which magnificent and overboard on styling. Other highlights are LED indirect Illumination of centre console, Plasma-cluster Air-Conditioning, Rear A/C Vents, and Auto air conditioning dual region.
If you love being entertained on the drive, do not worry as Teana will furnish you with ample judgements. You get the 6CD changer music system in the MP3 player that along with six speakers for belly music experience. The seats of Teana are associated with pure leather with excellent comfort each driver and rear seat occupants. You need to electrical adjustment available for that driver's seat with solution of memory seat switch. If you occupy a seat from the rear, totally . like the twin sunroof that offers a panoramic dream.
Teana also scores hugely on the safety factor. A person features like ABS, EBD, BA, dual front airbags, side airbags, and curtain airbags.
What will magnetize you Teana?
Nissan's classy Teana features superb styling and has best interiors in its class. The back seat comfort is just what you get yourself a five star property. The award winning engine offers excellent ride quality, even on the long routes. Techniques plenty of features using the XV, seeking are in order to pay that price.
What will scare a person?
The XV variant perhaps has it all, but you'll like can be price you simply will pay it off. As for your XL variant, the features are not worth to pay that whopping amount in excess of than 20lakhs.
Overall, luxury lovers is definitely not disappointed with Nissan Teana.
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