My Toilet Won't Stop Running, How Can You Fix This

by:FLOS     2020-06-27
It's a plumbing problem that's as old as the hills - a toilet that just refuses to stop running. Or maybe it stops running and then suddenly starts again, or even is regularly leaking into the bowl. The end result is wasted water and a source of noise and nuisance. Luckily, toilets aren't the most complex mechanisms and it's not hard to fix if you follow these easy tips for common problems. Get a lay of the land You need to understand where in your toilet the problem lies. To do this, flush the toilet several times with the tank lid off so you can watch the flushing process. You should see a chain connected to the handle that lifts a flapped, dropping the tank's contents down into the bowl through an opening in the bottom of the tank. There should also be a plastic float that lowers as the water drains. This is connected to a valve that determines how much water gets into the tank when the float is down, and should stop completely when the float is higher up. Finally, in the middle should be an overflow tube that drains excess water into the bowl. Flapper flaw Often the tank refuses to fill because the flapper remains open. To fix this, reach in and close it by hand. If it still refuses to close on subsequent flushes look for the follow problems: Water line Look to see if the tank's water rises up to the water line, as a too-low amount of water can lead to a running toilet. If it's not at the water line, adjust the water valve to make sure it is fully open. Valve and float Pull up the float, and if this stops the flow of water then tweak the float's level so the tank stops filling when the water level is roughly an inch below the top entrance of overflow tube. Sometimes the float is around the valve post, and to adjust it you just pinch the metal clip, sliding it down on the wire. If the float is a ball on an arm, adjust the small screws at the valve's top, or even bend the arm down. Also make sure the float ball isn't in contact with anything else in the tank, such as dragging along the side of the tank. Sometimes the float ball can become filled with water, so take it off to see if this is the case and replace it if need be. They can also become covered in limescale, which can be fixed through plumbing & drain cleaning. If adjusting the float doesn't fix the problem, you may need to replace the entire refill valve. Make sure you've examined all other possible problems before resorting to this step.
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