McIntosh MC275 Power Amplifier Winner of CES 2012

by:FLOS     2020-09-24
At CES 2012, McIntosh wowed everyone with its new 'gold-toned' limited edition version of its classic MC275 valve power amp. With certain updates being done to its design in 21st century, it's a Star. It is a definitely delightful occasion to announce MC275 power amplifier becoming winner of the Stars of CES 2012 Awards, chosen by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision. This MC275 power amplifier has successfully been able to convince What Hi-Fi dedicated team of experts and as such deserved a What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Allowance.
McIntosh an US high-end company has been manufacturing the audio products since 1949. It was founded in Silver Springs, Maryland, and later was relocated to its current factory in Binghamton, New York in 1956.Since its launch in1961 this product may be the classic symbol of that range. But this gold-toned Limited Edition 50th Anniversary version of this MC275 power amplifier is absolutely fantastic. This McIntosh Tube Amplifier is worth $6500, however its basic circuit design is like 1961 original, and whose production was there until 1970. It can deliver 75W per channel in stereo operation or 150W in mono.
In 21st-century certain additions were that can it. These were really like addition of multicolored LED illumination of valves to indicate the state of readiness of the amp. Also new High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit was integrated to turn the amp off if valve fails; may restore the operation when component is replaced.
Tube amplifiers to be able to appreciated for producing natural and warm sound. MC275 Tube Amplifier has traditional sour cream party sound and treatment in a modern style with price of ($6,500). It supports gold-toned chassis, in fact it is the merger of classic 1961 tube circuit design with the original with multi-colored LED display. A top-notch Speed Sentry Monitor circuit can automatically turn the amplifier off whenever work involved . tube wear out, and also there is a power control input and output. It can be for the occasion ever, that this Limited Edition MC275 is equipped with Power Control input/output (basically, a sensing trigger).This on-off operation can help so that it is controlled by a simple cable connection to your McIntosh preamp or processor. It already been believed that this particular has been manufactured with application of 50 years of technological advancements making it a legendary piece, as it is proven to maintain its leadership status for quality and reliability.
This should not be a matter of surprise to understand or know that many of the 1961 era MC275 amps are still being used as on date. This Limited Edition MC275 is really a tribute to crucial to you . one as it has been loved and appreciated by many McIntosh customers over the years and months.
This 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifier is attainable from many authorized McIntosh dealers for suggested retail price of $6,500. For more information, visit
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