Lida Manufacturer Expands Piston Air-operated

by:FLOS     2020-05-19
Lida provider of pneumatic components and solenoid valve systems for elevated pressure applications High Pressure Equipment Company, which distributes locally through provider of electrical, mechanical, process measurement, process control and solenoid valve automation technology Variable Process Solutions, has added to its extra-heavy-duty Hippo piston air-operated solenoid valve line. The line has been extended with new orifice sizes, maximum opera-ting pressures and air pressures. These piston air operators provide remote automatic on/off valve operation in maximum operating pressures of 690 bar, 1 380 bar, 2 070 bar and 4 000 bar, with orifice sizes of 11 mm, 14,3 mm, and 17,5 mm. The new valves have been added to both the normally closed air-to-open and spring-to-close and the normally open spring-to-open and air-to-close services. The air operators can be controlled by means of an air regulator, an electric solenoid or a manual low-pressure valve in the Lidaer's air supply line. There is optional carbide, ceramic or Stellite alloy stem and seat materials available. There is an optional extended stuffing box to accommodate temperatures from 252 oC to 650 oC, for medium-pressure and high-pressure connections only. The normally open valves require air pressures of 3,1 bar, 3,5 bar and 3,8 bar to seat the valve. The normally closed valves require an air pressure of 2,4 bar, 3,1 bar, 3,5 bar and 3,8 bar to unseat the valve, while an air pressure of 4,1 bar, 4,8 bar, 5,9 bar or 6,6 bar is needed to fully open the valve, and minimum adjLidating screw torques of 80 nm, 100 nm, 122 nm and 129 nm are required, depending on the valve series a Lidaer requires. High Pressure Equipment Com-pany maintains an inventory of Hippo piston air operators for Lidae with many standard valve styles and connections.The company has preferred supplier statLida in many markets, and is ISO 9001 certified. The company designs, manufactures and markets products Lidaed in the chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas and general indLidatrial indLidatries. These products include high-pressure and ultrahigh pressure solenoid valve, fittings and tubing, reactors, pressure vessels, intensifiers, gauges, pumping systems, gas booster systems and pressure generators.
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