Laundry Room Water Damage Prevention

by:FLOS     2020-05-02
Washing and drying machines have a tendency of generating both heat and moisture. With the help of a simple maintenance routine, you can potentially help to avoid Water Damage or the growth of bacteria or mold. Washing Machine Washing machines typically run both cold and hot water lines. These lines should both be checked regularly. Any and all leaks should be fixed as soon as possible. In addition, filters should also be clean and even replaced from time to time. Slow water flow into a washing machine could be a sign of a clogged filter. Waiting to fix this has the potential to malfunction. However, a slow water flow issue might be more common if you live in an area with 'hard water'. Take a moment to take a look at the shut off valve for any signs of drips that are occurring while the washing machine is not in use. If you find a sign of a leak, it's best to replace the valve. Hoses & Filters Just like in many other appliances, problems with washing machines usually start with the hose. It's best to have about four inches of clearance between the water hose/connection and the back of the washing machine. Creating this space will help to lower any chances of the hose kinking or bursting. These hoses should be checked from time to time and replaced if they begin to become fragile or too old. It might be worth the extra money to invest in a longer-living steel-braided hose when it comes time to replace your existing hose. Dryer The ventilation hose to the dryer should also be inspected carefully. The ventilation hose from the dryer must always be connected to the outdoors. It should also be examined for any signs of lint accumulation, clogging or debris. Also check both behind and under the dryer for lint and debris. For efficient ventilation, be sure that the exhaust route is short and straight. Water Damage Prevention Tips for the Laundry Room: - Make sure hoses and filters are properly maintained. - The dryer lint trap should be cleaned after every use. - Shut off your hoses when not in use. - Never leave the washer running if you are leaving the house. - Be sure the washer and dryer is always clean, both behind and under. If you ever need any assistance with preventing water damage, Able Restoration is your number one source for assistance. Able Restoration has years and years of experience in San Diego water damage, Riverside County water damage and Water Damage Orange County and even in the Mold Remediatio field. Call them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 1-800-696-6676 or visit their website today for more information!
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