Land Cruiser Prado (Facelift) Review - Sophisticated

by:FLOS     2020-07-31
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) launched ground Cruiser Prado which is the result of redesign or facelift. The part which redesigned will be the headlights with new design and the cabin might be more spacious since increased space between leading seat and second row. Additionally, the structure of body and frame is strengthened as quite.
The interesting thing may be the additional of sophisticated devices that make the driver of Prado more comfortable and exciting when through any road conditions from smooth route to off-road.
Multi-terrain Monitor
The special technology feature from Land Cruiser Prado is the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) it's the damping that generated by the automobile fits with road surface conditions. In the latest version, there one other additional a Multi-terrain Computer monitor.
Multi-terrain Monitor display images from cameras that placed at all four sides in the vehicle. With this way, the driver can look at road surface conditions at six surrounding areas, front, rear, front side, and rear left and right.
By using KDSS, the stability of Prado is more stable when driving on the pavement or off-road. For that latter, Prado is also equipped with crawl control. As a result, the ability of Prado in various off-road terrains becomes more stable.
The windshield uses material that can muffle the noise. In this way, the sound of the wind belonging to the front could be prevented into the cabin. Remarkably, the whole of your body equipped with sound-dampening materials so how the cabin is truly quiet.
The effort of Toyota provides the great silencer related to a sophisticated audio system that moved to the Land Cruiser Prado. Toyota calls it 'Super-live Sound System', designed along with development themes of dotou, that is 465-watt amplifier and 14 speakers that optionally placed throughout the cabin.
The product is capable of producing acoustic space with impressive bass tones, a clear high voice and much better if compared with surround speakers 5.1. Like other modern car audio, the interior of the land Cruiser Prado is also equipped having a plug the iPod or MP3 competition.
There additionally be the system of 'smart entry' and 'start' that used to spread out and lock the front and the back door by only holding the handle of the entrance. Another feature may be the system of start which will help prevent engine having a button.
Two engines that you can find at the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado surely 2.7 liter (2TR-FE) and 4.0 liters (1GR-FEV6). The 1GR-FE uses double Variable Valve Timing-Intelligent (VVT-i) technology.
The system can automatically control the valves. Moreover, Toyota upon roller valve type. Thus, Toyota claims that the skills of engine increased up to 20 kW (27PS) and can save fuel 0.4 km / re.
1GR-FE engine is installed with five Super ECT sequential shiftmatic transmission. This transmission allows the driver seemed to operate a vehicle with manual transmission. In addition, technique engine make use of regular gasoline (92).
AWD or full-time-wheel drive system and axle along with Torsen LSD in all sorts. The system directly determines the distribution of power to the front and also the rear wheels adjusted the actual speed, road surface conditions, acceleration, turning and so on.
The best Version, TZ-G is along with AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System), or NAV / AI-AVS). This version uses air suspension system that controlled electronically, but only works on the rear revocation.
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado also installed the 'multi-terrain select' button on the steering take. The objective is to facilitate the driver to select mode, that is Mud & Sand, Loose Rock, Mogul and Rock and manage the traction for optimizing the power and the brakes to get a steady performance the actual off-road.
Other Features
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado installed the equipment that called Multi-terrain Belly. By using this tool, the brake performance in order to be stable on various road conditions, such as road dust, gravel, and sand.
Another will be the Downhill Assist Control (DAC) which functioning retain the speed of vehicles and be sure the stability. In addition, nevertheless also Hill-start Assist Control (HAC), to allow works by controlling the brake fluid when braking or boosting. The aim is stay away from the vehicle backward, especially if parked using a ramp and slippery surface.
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