KIA of Gastonia Car model 2011 Kia Rio Sedan

by:FLOS     2020-08-01
Renowned Korean car manufacturer, Kia, has rolled the actual new 2011 Kia Rio Sedan, now available at Kia of Gastonia. Like 1 of its Kia brothers and sisters, the Rio Sedan offers often 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty or a five-year or 60,000-mile warranty with roadside assistance. The client can select one of these warranty ideas. Kia's warranty offers speak to their confidence in their automobiles' performance and in the technical superiority of 2011 Kia Rio Sedan. Now let us take further look at the great car:
Technical specification:
Every minute detail already been thoroughly followed in designing the automobile. The superiority from the car is decided by its engineering marvel, its interior and apparently provisions. Every one of these details receive attention inside 2011 Kia Rio Sedan. The car is outfitted with a single.6-liter engine with 16 valve and 107 lb torque at 4500 RPM. Usual manual speed options. It gets 28 MPG fuel in metropolis and 34 MPG on top of the highway. The 14' wheel base has a rear anti-roll bar and the front wheel has an anti-roll bar with independent suspension. Aids ensure safe driving. The tachometer meter panel has full visibility even during night. Night driving is supported by powerful headlamps. Powered side mirrors add comfortable and complete viewing.
The Rio Sedan seats five is fitted with four speakers along with a MP3 CD player, AM/FM radio and USB slots. Satellite connection is optional. Forward boasts bucket seats while the rear has bench desk chair. Every door has door bins a built-in beverage card rack. Rear window defroster and large front wipers, reading lamps and low pressure warning mechanism as well available. Passenger safety is enhanced with front and side impact airbags. Ignition disable and power lock are more features of this year's Kia Rio Sedan. Front legroom is 42.8' during the rear it is 34.3'. The Rio has plenty of trunk space to stow cargo and luggage and also the reclining seats add comfort to long journeys.
Price: The bottom price of the Kia Rio with rebate is $12,085.
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