Is a Do-It-Yourself Solar Water Heater Right For You?

by:FLOS     2020-05-03
Heating the water in your home can run up several of the bills you pay every month, and depending on how much hot water your household can go through, bills can skyrocket. It can be a fiscally sound decision to heat your water with Orange County solar power instead of electricity or gas. But how does solar water heating work? With solar water heating, collectors are used to harvest the sun's energy and the heat created safely warms the water in your home. The photovoltaic panels turn on water pumps that transfer the water from the tank to the collector and back. The amount of energy that this takes varies depending on the time of day and the speed of the pump that your system uses. At the end of the day the water that has been cycled through the tank and collector will be heated, ready to use, and a valve maintains the heat in the water when there's not a lot of sun. A do-it-yourself solar water heater has the benefits of solar power with additional savings. Do-it-yourself projects are typically more affordable than having systems installed for you and it can be more cost efficient to order the components and instructions than to have it built. This allows you to not only save on the cost of electricity and gas but also on the solar water heater itself. There is no doubt that putting in your own solar water heater is time consuming and will take a lot of research but at the cost of a weekend you can start yourself down the path of energy-efficient living and saving quite a bit of money. It also helps make the world a more eco-friendly place, reducing your carbon footprint with methods that don't pollute the environment or use up limited resources. Solar energy is completely safe and just as effective as traditional methods. While you can save a lot of money by installing your solar water heater yourself, talking to an Orange County solar power professional to make sure that you have everything you need and that your home is ready for it can be an important part of the process. Once everything is ready to go, you'll be glad that you made the switch.
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