Influences of Ventilation on Powder Grinding Efficiency

by:FLOS     2020-06-27
If the customers want to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball grinder, the ventilation condition inside the barrel of the machine is also a key factor. Whether the ventilation condition inside the ball grinding equipment is good or bad will directly influence the powder grinding efficiency of the cement ball grinders which is a common problem existing in the open flow mill and mills that adopt natural blow. The role that played by the ventilation is: one is to timely discharge the fine particles inside the milling machine in order to prevent it from influencing its efficiency; the other one is to decrease the temperature inside the milling equipment in order to avoid the gesso dehydration and tail warehouse paste ball plugging the deck. If the water content of the material is relatively high and the ventilation condition is bad, the water vapor of the grinding mill will be difficult to be discharged, which will not only block the gap of the deck by the moist fine particles, thus reducing the quantity of the discharged materials and the flow speed in the unit time; but at the same time, these crushing media will form 'cushion plate' on the working surface of the lining plate because of static electricity when they are crushing the materials which will reduce the impact and crushing function of the crushing media on the materials. When the thickness of the fine particle stick on the working surface of the lining plate reaches one mm, it will reduce the impact on the materials of the grinding media to one third that when there is no such particles which will decrease the production capacity of the milling machine and increase the electricity consumption of the powder grinder. The relatively convenient method is to add axial compressor fan on the upper part of the volumetric stack of the bottom of the grinding equipment, and at the same time, seal and stop the leakage to the rotary vibrating screen and the discharging chute and other parts in order to prevent the air leak to cause the machine short circuit. In this way, the inside machine will have a smooth ventilation and the dust leak problem can also be fundamentally solved. At the same time, the air locking system is also needed to improved, otherwise, the air blew by the air fun will be pumped out from the material discharging mouth which will form a air circuit and there will be no air inside the milling equipment. At present, many ball mill and other mining machines manufacturing companies add flap valve on the material discharging mouth, but it does not have ideal function so that the customers will have to install a air locking device which will increase the cost. vibrating screen: ball mill:
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