Industrial Filter Manufacturers

by:FLOS     2020-04-11
We are Industrial Filter Manufacturers offers small, medium and large capacity filters and Strainers for the remove the hazardous foreign element and provide protection against damages and risk of nation. Our Filters and Strainers are used extensively throughout Major Process Industries All models are furnished with rugged weather hoods. Standard materials are carbon steel and are furnished with rust preventive primer coating beneath all weather paint. Industrial Filters are designed with extra care using best suitable material for the process fluid, including low as well as high temperature services and sour services etc. Industrial Filter Manufacturers offers a complete line of original Industrial Filters equipment and elements. All elements meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications and are totally interchangeable with other filter manufacturers as well. Industrial Filters are variety of pressure vessels for air/gas and liquid applications. All vessels can be constructed to meet ASME Boiler and Pressure Code requirements for unfired pressure vessels. Pressures from full vacuum are available. We offer Basket filter is manufactured in simplex and duplex type construction with suitable material. Duplex Basket Filter provides ease of cleaning the element without interruption of the process. Two simplex basket filters connected with a pair of three way ball valve with a common single handle makes a this type of filters. Simplex type filters in cast construction are called pot strainers or bucket strainer. We offer Cartridge Filters are manufactured using wound or sintered filter cartridge of cellulose, ceramic, fiberglass, polypropylene nylon, bleached cotton, sinter metal cartridge which give filtration down to 0.45 micron. These filters are suitable for most liquid or gases and are available in simplex or duplex type construction. We offer Sand Carbon Bed & Multi Bag Filters are designed horizontal or vertical types with back wash facility as per system requirement. These filters are manufactured from best quality of carbon steel plates. Large vessels are provided with access manhole. We offer Self cleaning filters are available in some standard models to choose from for different flow rates. They are also designed & fabricated as per requirement. Size manufactured is up to 6' NB and below and filtration achieved is down to 40 micron. Element of Self Cleaning Filters can be cleaned by one rotation of outside handle or knob. The dirt over the surface of element is brushed down by scraper blade & collected at bottom and can be drained out. Automatic self-cleaning filters are manufactured with assembly of motor & gear to rotate the filters element for continuous cleaning. We offer fabricated Y tee type & conical strainers are also available. Tee strainer is fabricated from pipes & plates or standard equal tee & flange. Y tee type & conical strainer elements are made of stainless steel perforated sheet or wire mesh supported by perforated sheet. In tee type strainer many times a structural skeleton made of flats and round bar is used to support the wire mesh.
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