Ice Making Equipment in a Nutshell

by:FLOS     2020-05-10
Ice making equipment is a machine that usually creates ice or prepares ice for any other purposes such as creating an ice cream, shakes, shaved iced and the like. Other equipments have additional functions that some other machines might or might not have. Some equipment can either be used electronically or manually. Some of them also need to be used with other equipment's to have the best product ever. So how does an ice making equipment perform its function? Making ice starts off when everything is already hooked up and the cycle begins. The cycle is usually directed by simple but efficient electrical circuit and switches that sends commands to other parts of the machine. The next thing that will happen is that the switch will send current to a solenoid water valve in which can be found behind the refrigerator for most designs. The charges sent to the wires causes the solenoid to open the valve which is opened for almost seven second, just enough to let the water fill the ice mold. Once the mold has been filled, the ice making equipment waits until the water freezes. The built-in thermostat inside the ice maker monitors the temperature in which the water will be frozen. Once the desired temperature of roughly -13 degrees Celsius has been met, the thermostat will close a switch that will activate a heating coil below the ice maker. Once the coils start to heat up, the warmth produced in the bottom of the mold will loosen the ice cubes from the mold's surface. The next thing that happens is another circuit will activate of the ice maker which will then spin a gear that rotates another gear placed on a long shaft. The long shaft has some ejector blades which scoops the ice cubes out of the mold and pushes them in front of the ice maker. There are plastic notches in the front of the ice making equipment which match up the ejector blades. The blades will then pass these notches in order to push the cubes in the collection bin. After the cubes have been pushed in the collection bin, a plastic cam at the base of the shaft activates a switch in the machine that will activate the water valve again and start another cycle of ice making. The cycle is interrupted once there are a lot of ice cubes stacked up in the collection bin. This prevents the freezer from overflowing with ice.
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