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by:FLOS     2020-08-16
Hello, I trust this article has found you healthy, happy and enjoying your Motorsports.
Over the years I have been asked questions about all sorts of Motorsport related problems and some tips things work. One individuals questions keeps popping up so I thought the time had come to put it down in an article.
Today I would in order to give you some information explaining how a master cylinder works.
The Master Cylinder is basically a hydraulic cylinder that when they are a force is related to one end that is connected to a sliding piston. This force employed to the piston creates pressure in the cylinder and forces brake fluid regarding an outlet.
This is how one particular piston or single reservoir master cylinder operates:
The push rod forces the piston forward in the cylinder bore. The sealing mechanism ahead of the piston is called key cup, and as it travels down the cylinder bore it closes the compensating port so how the hydraulic system is completely sealed.
As forces are increased on the push rod, the fluid ahead among the primary cup will continue to build up in pressure and begins to flow around the rest of the pressure check valve and into the hydraulic brake dialogue. This pressure is then transmitted to the individual wheels, actuating the brakes.
When the brake pedal is released, the return springs on the brake shoes / callipers force the fluid back to the hydraulic lines, inside of the residual check valve and into the cylinder bore. The piston is forced back toward the boot end in the master cylinder, coming out the compensating port allowing fluid revisit the reservoir.
New master cylinders should be checked thoroughly, the master cylinder should be part of a frequent maintenance check, with a tear-down and inspection and rebuild if that would help. Be sure to check the condition of the piston seal.
Spongy Brake Pedal
If you experience a spongy brake pedal and in order to faithfully bled the brake system and you still have a spongy pedal like air is kept in the system. I have a few suggestions for you personally personally that may solve unfortunately.
1) Leaks in the system, look at the total system for leaks
2) Worn wheel or master cylinder seals
3) Insufficient fluid inside of the master cylinder
4) The brake fluid is boiling at problem in the brake system
Thank you for period and.
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