How many employees in Zhongshan good valve Company?
There are approximatly 45 - 50 employees in the Company. As Zhongshan good valve Co., Ltd develops rapidly, we have employed more specialist staff to provide better customer support. What is more, the amount of our workers is increasing as well to meet the rigorous demands of customers. We have workers such as proficient engineers, professional sales staff and considerate after-sales staff, most of whom have years of experience working in the propress ball valve field.

Zhongshan good valve Company integrates the design, production, sales and service of 2-piece ball valve. The 1-piece ball valve is one of the main products of Zhongshan good valve Company. FLOS 3 way ball valve stainless steel comes out after consulting people from outside the company. The shell of the product is tested to withstand dramatic changes in water pressure. One of the business owners agrees that this product is very user-friendly and can generate reports that are required from time to time. The product is easy to assemble and maintain.

High quality of valve accessory is accessible in Zhongshan good valve Company. Please contact.
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