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Honorable visitors from Republic of Bulgaria


New horizons

At the beginning of the New Year, everything was renewed. On 1-11-2020, our company welcomed Mr. Latchezar Dinev, the chairman of Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of commerce and industry in Sofia, Bulgaria , came to visit us and met with Mr LU, president of our Company. 

Bulgaria is a very beautiful country. Its rose oil, high grade perfume, yogurt and grape wine are very renowned in the world. This time, Mr. Dinev and his delegation changed their schedule for visiting our company. We feel greatly honored and consider it so important for us.

And then, they were guided to witness the production of our valves, and also our material control, size control and other main details were briefed to them. we emphasized on introducing the fourth generation of innovative patented products, specially its functionality and high safety and the reason why these products been highly qualified in the market through physical objects, videos, photos and other means.

A long-term cooperation between two entities will be expected positively in the future.

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