Guide to Repair a Water Valve

by:FLOS     2020-05-10
Water valve refers to the valves which are widely used in the distribution systems or other plumbing systems. In facts, there is a wide range of the type of the water valve. They are employed in certain conditions, affecting well as a role control he flow. As we all know that each mechanism can be poor in performance as time goes by, even can be wear out. Similarly, water valves are possible to be in problem condition. For example, the failure of the rubber washers is common. At this moment, it is necessary to repair or replace it in time. And the replacement turns out to be a moderately easy process. Everyone can take it by himself. The tools needed are actually simple. They are the adjustable wrench, screwdriver, various assortments of replacement washers. Firstly, the water supply should be kept shutting off. A water meter is needed to be found and located. Take the cover of the water meter off and install the shut off valve on the incoming water pipe followed. Turn the valve with 90 degrees with the help of an adjustable wrench. But it should be remember not to be tightened too tight. Otherwise, the gasket would fail to work, causing the inability of the shutting off performance. Secondly, it is time to disassemble the water valve. The screw and the handle should be removed. So does the attaching fittings. The problem washers are shown. Thirdly, it is necessary to take the core step. Check all the broken metal parts and other parts. If it exists, it is necessary to replacing the entire valve. If not, keep on inspecting the rubber washers. If any of rubber washers is cracked, broken or out of its place, correct it and even replace it. Afterwards, replace the water gate and assemble the entire valve back tightly for further use. At last, turn on the water supply to inspect the leakage. If any exists, repeat the previous steps again until no leakage exists. If not, all work has been successfully completed.
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