Fresh Generation of Citroen C4

by:FLOS     2020-07-21
The new generation of Citroen C4!
During volvo, which is exhibition in Shanghai on April 19,2011, the new generation of Citroen C4 appeared for that first period in China. It's said that Dongfeng Citroen will officially launch a cutting edge generation of Citroen C4, and brand new Citroen C4 is excepted to be on the market at the finish of 2011 or early next decade. The fans of Citroen C4 are waiting for that mew generation's coming.
On the absolutely no.2 platform of Peugeot-Citroen Group, 2 most representative pas car series were born. 1 which very familiar people is Peugeot 307 , the other is Citroen C4. C4 is a MPV is actually full of personality and lead in technology. It's equipped with the latest Citroen technology, which includes the introductions of the central-controlled steering wheel and brand new variable valve CVVT algorithm. In a word, Citroen C4 is often a kind of car which are out belonging to the ordinary and full of innovativeness.
Citroen C4 has been upgrading and updating comprehensively based for your original vehicle. The exterior, the interior, the seat space along with the power system, all of which will give consumers having a whole new experience. And an of alterations are pros which buyer are for you to accept. Whether this new Citroen C4 is worth looking forward, see the following detailed detail.
The new Citroen C4's smile mouth logo and symbol air-inlet grille are exactly the same with Citroen C5. Attributes can easily make people recognize well-liked a Citroen. Streamlined body shape, small angle of attack within the windshield even a small triangular windows under a pillar, all reflect that the new C4 trends towards the position of sporty compact family motor. Perhaps the new generation of C4 is much suitable for women, brand new C4 body lines is filled tension, with exaggerated front, it is much more aggressive versus the previous building. Compared to the exaggerated and muscular front face, the rear returns towards traditional shape, which appears to tell that, although the C4 tend to exercise, it would continue to become a compact family automobile.
The interior of previous C4 are impressionistic style, which perfectly show the romantic feelings of the Citroen car designers. But for the sales, the new C4 adopt the impressionist style as an alternative to the ultra-modernism in interior. The new C4's large screen being in the center of the very center console as well as its dashboard utilize a large LCD screen to display trip computer information, which are the same goes with C5. Besides, the dashboard of brand new C4 become be set by back looks very fantastic. Brand new ESG gear shift lever wrapped with leather is compact and full associated with sense of technology. It's worth mentioning that fresh C4's panoramic roof is so awesome. Wow bright star in the evening sky with the panoramic roof is such pleasant details.
Above purely parts of improvement for the new C4, if matter to get more information, you will refer for the Citroen's official website or maybe the insects news online. Now the new Citroen C4 's still mysterious, the we can create is just waiting for that final official detailed guideline.
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Published:Nov 7,2011
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