Fly On Wheels With The Mini Cooper S

by:FLOS     2020-08-04
If you enjoy flying on wheels then this can the car for the public. One of the tiniest, economical and comfortable automobiles in its history the mini cooper S can be considered the sports version from the mini couper coup line with a more powerful and higher acting search engine. Some may call it the adult go kart this model is manufactured the particular BMW Company.
It was first designed by the formula one racing car builder MR John Cooper who gave it a design that shows it power and an interior even more unique giving the option of leather or cloth seats, foot rest that is metal so it can be kept clean and a leather steering wheel, overall a good class model. It possess a redesigned folding bonnet this a real eye catcher. This mini gives all of you the privileges of additional sports car but from a comfortable and petite camera.
Alongside this it likewise has a climate control cooling down system with inbuilt stereo devices and the volume of space in the seats means you can enjoy any journey you make in this vehicle be it a long drive maybe a short errand. Now you must be thinking about safety, this vehicle holds 6 airbags and run flat tires as standard, has brake assistance and control help for any turns you make or any overtaking and there ISOFIX Child seat add-on on the back seat to protect the child accommodate so be assured safety is taken care of. This engine is a 4cylinder 4V per cylinder which is produce the power of amazing 163bhp at 6000rpm and torque of 210 Nm at 4000 rpm and holds a maximum speed of 135mph.
The latest version contains a turbo charged gasoline direct fuel engine system put in place and this is the 1.6L 4cylinder with variable valve timing engine. The Mini Cooper S end up being the a small car around the holds force and speed and it holds likely to fame today as the mini did when work out plans introduced in the 70's and became a hit with the celebrities. Some cylinder engine, the safety provided, the comfort along with the sweetness of this vehicle makes it a perfect companion for you if you're live in a busy city area. And perfect part is the Mini Cooper S can be seen on sale for around 16,000 or less.
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