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FLOS-goodvalve | Insist on training,qualified mount guard.


FLOS-goodvalve | Insist on training,qualified mount guard.

FLOS-goodvalve | Insist on training,qualified mount guard.


Training is a job that we attach great importance to and have to insist on doing all the time. It is a long-term job.

New employees must go through the company’s three-level training, training qualified to work. We strictly implement this regulation,carefully do a good job in every link.

This time, the new employees of our partners are also arranged to study in the factory, which is different from the learning from books and dictation. They can deepen their understanding of the products and enhance the training effect through on-site, physical and practical operation. Company leaders also attach great importance to , personally training, impart their own experience and lessons, constantly ask questions, continue to simulate, until the staff learn thoroughly.

Learn no end, for more professional service customers, for our high quality fourth generation valves enable more customers to get affordable, for their production security to provide solid support.  


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