Essential Qualities Of An Electric Valve Actuator

by:FLOS     2020-07-05
So your electric valve actuator has seen better days. Maybe you've had it for a quite a long time and it is now due for replacement. To determine your requirements always ensure that you are selecting the right model that would fit your HVAC system. This would ensure that the actuator that you would be getting would be a perfect fit that would ensure that your HVAC system is running on a consistent and efficient basis. There are several things that you need to look into when buying an actuator. The first thing that you should most sensibly do is to check for the part number to know whether the actuator you got could be fitted with a compatible system. Standards and Other Requirements The International Standards Organization provides for the standard specification for electric valve actuators. If the manufacturer states that the actuator is industry compliant then it must provide for the ISO number or standard that it complies with. Another thing to look into when looking for good and high quality actuators is a fail safe function. These are usually incorporated in order to ensure that even when the device malfunctions, the actuator would have a mode that would compensate for this. The casing should also be sturdy and if possible weather and moisture proof. Since the casing houses the motor, and performs in conditions that have high moisture, protecting its electrical parts should be a foremost consideration. Leakages and short circuits can occur should moisture come inside the housing. Wiring The beautiful thing about Honeywell actuators is that they provide consistent wiring. Their whole line of actuators was built on the same principle of uniformity and standard to ensure that they are easily serviceable by technicians. Conforming to a standard wiring system also prevent accidents and increases the safety of the mechanism. It is highly inadvisable to make use of custom wiring for the actuator. If possible, always comply and follow the diagram of the wiring system provided. Incorrect wiring could lead to electrical faults that are very dangerous. Heavy Duty or Light Duty To save on costs, also determine whether the actuator is for heavy duty or for light duty usage. Honeywell's Herculine series was built with heavy duty application in mind while the Honeywell actuators modutrol is intended for light duty purposes. The performance difference would significantly affect the efficiency of your HVAC system so be sure to select the appropriate one for your needs. Protection Another important electric valve actuator feature is protection from overloading. All aspects on usability should focus on the vital requirement for safety. Remember that these valves control the flow of materials that could pose a serious risk not only to the equipment itself but also to your property and personal safety as well. To say that Honeywell's line of actuators is extensive and quite expansive is an understatement. You have a whole line of choices ranging from hydraulic, solenoid, linear, mechanical, fan coil, motorized and others. Be sure to consult your HVAC service to know which one you need.
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