Enjoying Hookah Smoking In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

by:FLOS     2020-06-29
Nowadays, hookah smoking or shisha are enjoyed in many cafe and restaurants that provide Middle Eastern cuisine. However, you can actually enjoy at home if you have your own hookah set. If you do, you can start with choosing the best yet affordable tobacco. Try Tangiers tobacco. One of the best things about this brand of tobacco is that it has many flavors. You can choose distinct flavor such as Green Apple, Lime, Gum Ball, Juicy Peach and many more. If you are into exotic flavor, you could try out Kashmir Peach, Horchata and many more. The Tangiers tobacco is famous for its luscious and lengthy flavor. Most hookah enthusiast commented that the flavor last quite long. Another thing is you could choose are mild or regular flavor. For beginners you should buy the mild flavor as it does not gives you a strong buzz. Now, if you have tried hookah smoking before you then you know that you need to treat the tobacco differently. Due to its strong and robust flavor, you need to take care of the tobacco properly or it will lose its distinctiveness. Pack it properly and store it in a cool dry place. Before you start smoking it, exposed it to the air for a while and then put it on the burner. Make sure the coal is not still on fire or the flavor will be affected. Use plain cold or iced water so you can get smoother and cooler sensations. Quite a few shops are selling the hookah set. If it is hard to find, then try to buy it online. There are many choices and with the competitive pricing, you would probably find something that fits your budget. The basic hookah set consists of charcoal plate, bowl to put your tobacco, middle body, gasket, valve, hose, and water jar. There are many sizes too and many have more than one hose. You could choose to buy this one if you intend to share your hookah with someone else. What you need to do is pack your tobacco in the intended bowl. Make sure that it is as dense as the original packet. Traditional hookah bowl are good but you can always buy special hookah bowl. Many users mention that this specialized bowl like Phunnel Hookah Bowl functioned much better than the traditional bowl. You might find it is a little bit tricky to do it your own at first but after much practice, you will achieve the right result. If you are not sure how to smoke hookah you can always check some videos on hookah smoking demonstration. In the end, do not let it worries you. Get yourself a hookah set, the right tobacco and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.
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