Engine Oil, Over 100 Compounds of Delicate Balance

by:FLOS     2020-07-13
I never really thought much about engine oil, I just took my old car to the lube shop and paid them a few bucks for whatever they put in the car plus a filter. But that was then, now I possess a new car and once the first service was due I was a much more interested in what went into my car. You see, it's my first new car and it's nothing less than an Infiniti G37 luxury sports sedan. I worked hard and got promoted and could finally afford a nice new car. I love this car, too much to just take it down to the lube shop for the mystery oil change special.
When I bought my new car my Infiniti dealer told me regarding their Infiniti Express Service. I could bring my car without an appointment, they would customise the oil and filter and do a full multi-point safety inspection on the whole car. They told me that they only use the factory specified oil and genuine Infiniti parts.
When I saw that my first service was coming up I hit the Web and started researching engine oil and filters. Let me tell you, that was eye opening. I had little idea that engine oil and filters were so hard. Did you know that the typical bottle of engine oil contains a blend of between 100 and 200 chemical elements and compounds? I sure didn't. There are compounds for the 'base' oil, the additive package, stabilizers, anti-friction packages, detergent compounds, the list continues. Just within the 'anti-friction' category there is a fragile blend of zinc, molybdenum, long chain molecules, short chain molecules, etc.
When a manufacturer designs an engine, the engines work around the oil selected by the model. There are so many characteristics to both an engine and oil that it's as getting delicate dance of mechanical tolerances, machining tolerances and chemical properties. How the cylinder walls are honed, the pressures that occur between the camshaft and lifters, the pushrods or cam lobes and the valve.com/' target='_blank'>valve stem tips, your own home engine uses roller lifters or over cam direct valve actuation, all of these things come into play for both the engine designers and the oil manufacturer. It's no wonder the owner's manuals let you to use the specified oil.
I took my car to my Infiniti dealer for that Express Service. I was greeted right away and my car was taken for the back for service and I went into the customer lounge. That alone was an experience, a clean well lit room with couches and chairs and tables. There was a big screen TV, free coffee, free Wi-Fi-I wish all waiting rooms every I go were as marvelous. In a little bit a factory certified Infiniti technician came in and showed me my air sift. I had been driving through a construction zone to and back everyday and it was unusually dirty. He showed me the filter and recommended that I change it with another genuine Infiniti filter. He told me they found the bad filter while doing the multi-point check. When asked, he told me that the safety included inspection checking my tires for inflation and wear, inspecting my brakes, all of my lights, and even testing my battery with a computer device to sure it wasn't going to fail soon.
Not long third , I was told that my car was ready. I was given a copy of the multi-point inspection report and walked out to my car. Whoa, my car was sparkling clean, experienced even washed it for me. I'm there less than an hour, my car was serviced and inspected by real factory certified technicians, and while i paid the bill it turned out to a competitive price to my old mystery oil lube shop.
Oh, and I drive around now knowing that many compounds and ingredients inside my engine are working harmoniously with my engine, not against the.
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