Diagnosis Method For Solenoid Valve Based on Noise

by:FLOS     2020-04-13
The present invention relates generally to diagnosis methods for solenoid valves and common rail fuel injection systems for diesel engines. More particularly, the invention relates to a method of diagnosing a solenoid valve employed in a commonrail fuel injection system for a diesel engine. However, even without electrical failures, the SCVs still cannot normally operate when there exist mechanical failures or abnormalities in the SCVs. For example, when foreign matters flow into the SCVs along with fuel, they may cause the SCVs tobe locked, thus making it impossible to suitably control the amount of pressurized fuel supplied from the fuel supply unit to the common rail. Furthermore, in some cases, running the engine under a high-flow condition may temporary recover the locked SCV to normal and thus no any additional measure is taken. However, in other flow conditions, the SCV may be easily locked again, thussignificantly impairing the drivability of a vehicle that employs the common rail fuel injection system. The solenoid valve includes a housing with a first and a second seat formed therein, a moving member configured to be moved in the housing, and a solenoid. The solenoid valve is configured to fully open with the moving member resting on thefirst seat when the solenoid is energized and fully close with the moving member resting on the second seat when the solenoid is deenergized. The location of the ball valve also causes a lag time when stopping the liquid flow since the liquid in the flow line between the ball valve and the floor treating device will continue to flow once the ball valve is closed. Another drawback to a ball valve or other conventional metering valves is that it is not always completely open when liquid is supplied. Therefore, particles tend to become trapped between the needle and seat or ball and seat thereby affecting the flow of liquid. Generally, the invention comprises a floor treating apparatus for use on a floor and responsive to an operator. It includes a reservoir for holding a supply of liquid and a head assembly adapted to carry a floor treating device for engaging and treating the floor with the liquid in the reservoir. The head assembly includes a motor for rotating the floor treating device. A fluid flow line delivers liquid from the reservoir to a supply point adjacent to a point at which the floor treating device engages the floor. A flow control valve is in line with the fluid flow line for permitting liquid flow from the reservoir through the fluid flow line to the supply point when the valve is open. when the energizing and deenergizing causes collisions of the moving member against at least one of the first and second seats in the solenoid valve and noises are thus generated by the collisions, detecting occurrence intervals of the noises;and According to a further implementation of the diagnosis method, when each cycle of the energizing and deenergizing causes two of the noises, the solenoid valve is diagnosed as being in normal condition; when each cycle of the energizing anddeenergizing causes only one of the noises, the solenoid valve is diagnosed as being in semi-locked condition; and when there is no noise caused by the energizing and deenergizing, the solenoid valve is diagnosed as being in fully-locked condition.
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