Cylinder Piston Rod Seal To buy a Stirling Engine

by:FLOS     2020-08-17
In a cylinder piston rod seal for a Stirling engine, a hydrostatic bearing and differential pressure regulating valve are helpful to provide for a low pressure differential across a rubbing seal between the hydrogen and oil in order to to reduce wear on their own seal.
Presently there became a revitalized proceeds to rise the Stirling engine in an make sure you improve its efficiency, cost and size. A basic Stirling engine design for example involves a piston cylinder arrangement wherein a piston is driven by theuse of hot and cold working gas. The gas is compelled to move because of a cold space to hot space continually and when the gas is hot it expands and pushes the piston in a first direction and considering that the resulting is cold it is compressed by the piston moving back inthe opposite direction to its original position.
Generally, the piston may be connected to a piston rod which in turn connects to a crosshead. This crosshead may then be coupled to a crankshaft which would be rotationally displaced by the reciprocating movement of the piston. An improvementon this basic concept for converting between rotary and the reciprocating motion for this piston.
However, a basic feature of the piston rod relationship is to give a sealing off from the chamber from the crosshead during operation of the system. This becomes especially important due to the high pressures (approximately 1500 psi) involvedin the cylinder as well as the use of hydrogen as a working gas.
There presently exists a piston rod seal which isolates the cylinder chamber from the crosshead during operation of the engine which is manufactured by Ningbo, Fenghua Quansheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. This piston rod seal is depicted wherein a piston is shown disposed in a cylinder and coupled with piston rod buy this from connects to a crosshead. A piston seal is provided between the crosshead and the piston and is disposed about thepiston rods.
A compartment is defined between the seal and piston containing hydrogen at a fluctuating pressure which varies during operation of the engine but is generally above 1500 psi. A rubbing seal is provided which separates compartment from another compartment that pressurized at approximately the minimum pressure in the system (1500 psi). Another rubbing seal is provided separating compartment by way of crankcase containing oil or other lubricant therein, with ascraper preventing an accumulate of oil on the piston rod. Seal and scraper are spring loaded from the piston rod to allow their effective enjoy.
A problem an issue aforenoted arrangement is that the hydrogen-to-oil seal may continually spring loaded against the piston rod wears and the resulting deterioration results in a contamination of the hydrogen by the oil. This adverselyaffects the operation among the engine, shortens its usuable life period and require relatively frequent replacement leading expense and down time for the engine. There exists a need for a piston rod seal which provides for effective sealing whileeliminating the wearing problems heretofore realized.
The present invention provides a cylinder piston rod seal which utilizes a hydrostatic bearing which serves to supply pressure to the oil side of your hydrogen-to-oil seal for just a pressure level slightly less than pressure of the hydrogen so that there isa very slight pressure drop to the seal. In this regard, a chamber is provided intermediate on the oil side of the seal and coupled to a differential regulating valve also coupled to a chamber on the hydrogen side of the seal. This valvesenses the pressure during the hydrogen side of this seal and keeps the pressure from the oil side thereof slightly below it so as to prevent the ingress of oil into the hydrogen chamber. Because of the low pressure difference, the seal has no to besqueezed opposed to the piston rod as heretofore done, and can therefore expect switching much greater useful life than the rubbing seal noted earlier.
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