Correct Way to Disassemble a Ball Valve

by:FLOS     2020-04-14
The prosperity of the valve industry has been perfectly shown on many fields of modern industry. Ball valve, as a major member of the big valve family, has been making great contributions to various industrial processes. Such mechanisms are specialized to control liquids under high pressure or high temperature. It is obvious that such mechanisms occupy a great number of advantages. For example, a ball valve is easy and economic to install and has a long service life. In terms of general applications, they should be designed with high level of control and ability to be disassembled and repaired when problems arise. Referring to the disassembly, it is moderately easy with some simple tools. This process requires the doer to conduct according to the instructions. And the required tools are easy accessed. They can be an adjustable wrench set, safety gloves and safety glasses. Be cautious on the entire process. Firstly, it should be ensured that the main supply has been shut off before the very beginning. Ensure the pressure and temperature inside is safe for disassembly. The attached pressure and temperature gauges can give us help. Secondly, it is time to remove the ball valve out of the connecting pipes. Take the removing work side by side. Afterwards, put the entire ball valve on a flat area, aiming to provide enough space for the following work. Thirdly, it is time to disassemble the ball valve itself. The proper sequence can be done by removing the hex jam nut on the top of the valve. In sequence, move out of the spring washer, the valve control handle and the hex nuts holding the body end plate to the top of the valve assembly. Fourthly, it is the step to disassemble the valve body. Take the spring washer out from the stem, together with the series of packing rings, a packing retainer, an O-ring and the relative ball seats. At last, unscrew the stem from the ball. At this time, the entire disassembly process has been successfully completed. And these comprising components of the ball valve should be placed well for further use.
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