Coping With Water Damage Part 3

by:FLOS     2020-05-08
As a home owner, you might be all too familiar with the fact that water damage can occur in just about any spot of your home. Fortunately, Able Restoration has specialized experts with years and years of experience with both the water and fire damage field. They can show you exactly how water damage can be prevented and help you with mold remediation if necessary. To help you neutralize any water damage-related hazards, read up on some of the following precautions to help you during your recovery process. Safety First 1. Shut Off the Gas Supply. If you are in your home or business, be sure to check for the odor of natural gas. The gas supply lines should be shut off until further inspection whether or not the smell of gas is present. You can usually find the main gas valve on the actual gas supply pip, which should be near your home or business's meter. 2. Keep an Eye Out for Animals. Keep a watchful eye out for signs of stray pets, reptiles, and rodents that could have possibly taken shelter in your home or business after it has been disturbed by water damage. No matter what, always use caution when approaching any animal. It also helps to utilize a stick or pole to poke and move around debris before removing it. Get in touch with your animal control officer for help with your situation. 3. Use and Wear Protective Gear. Most of the time, when damage from water occurs, the water becomes contaminated by sewage, mud, and other types of debris and substances which can prevent major health hazards. Before you attempt to clean up any debris, wear protective gear like: disposable plastic gloves, respirator w/ particulate filter, some form of protective eyewear, disposable full body clothing, head gear and rubber boots. For help preventing or dealing with water damage, get in touch with Able Restoration for help. Able Restoration has a team of specialists with years of experience in the water damage, fire damage and mold remediation fields. They specialize in water damage San Diego, water damage Riverside County, and water damage Orange County.
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