Continuous Flow of Hot Water Need Not Burn Your Pocket

by:FLOS     2020-05-08
The uses of solar power are continuously diversifying as costs of using electricity are increasing. One of the biggest guzzlers of power are the hot water tanks needed by as diverse industries as hospitality and healthcare. Using a pressurized solar water heater for hotels and hospitals helps cut down costs without cutting down on convenience. The problem with solar heating is that it can be done only when the sun is shining. So some people have found a solution in using a pressurized water storage tank to store the heated water. Solar hot water heating will show the most dollar saving. A solar powered hot water heater in your home/hospital/hotel makes up approximately 33% of your monthly energy expenditure. If necessary you should invest in a large pressurized solar water heater which conforms to the boiler code than a series of smaller ones. A number of small pressurized tanks would mean significant heat loss since there are a number of surfaces from which there can be atmospheric cooling. A string of tanks requires a great deal of piping between the tanks which costs extra money and adds even more to the thermal losses of the system. Multiple tanks can have temperature differences between the different tanks, because the piping and water flow cannot be perfect over the whole array. Hot and cold spots are a sign of poor efficiency which in turn can lead to highly dissatisfied users. One big pressurized water storage tank eliminates all the crisscross piping. Maintenance also becomes easier as troubleshooting for a specific problem within a multiple tank configuration can become a nightmare. However you must keep in mind that when you buy a system which pressurizes the complete tank and uses a single small steam valve to relieve pressure you are asking for trouble. The proven and reliable technology of solar water heaters from companies like Savana Solar will offer long-term performance with low maintenance. As long as you have some kind of backup system to budget for rainy or cloudy days when you would need to use some other kind of energy, you can look forward to hot water whenever you turn the tap.
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